Outcast - Chapter Two - Valmar

Palanhiliel found herself the next day lying under a great mallorn-tree. 'I must be in Lorien,' she thought. She stared down at her leg. It had been bandaged up well. She tried to move it, but a great, searing pain raced up her leg. She let out a cry of anguish. A young elf ran over to her. He had dark hair that fell to his shoulders and had a piercing in his left ear; a silver loop. A quiver of arrows was on his back and his bow was resting against a nearby tree. Palanhiliel noticed his eyes. They were gray.

"Don't move," he commanded, "It will only hurt worse."

"Who are you? And why are we on the border of Lorien? Why didn't you take me to the Lady of the Wood?" she asked harshly. She was afraid he may have captured her for evil purposes.

"I am Valmar. I am a banished elf of Lorien. I was on my way out when I heard you being pursued by that great beast. I saved you."

"Thank you," she said softening a bit, "I am banished too...from Mirkwood. I was accused of murder." Valmar was surprised that she would be accused of that. He thought she looked to kind to do such a horrid deed.

"Why were you accused?" he asked.

"Because I was framed," came her reply, "Why were you banished?"

"Because, I am a thief. I have stolen much and thought that I could get many riches here, but they are too smart," he ended with a chuckle and then smilled, "Or I'm too stupid." A small grin played at Palanhiliel's mouth. She let out a light laugh.

"May I hear your story?" he asked. The smile quickly faded from her face.

"No," she said firmly, "Not now. The pain is still too near." He was puzzled at this, but said nothing.

"Well, we should be moving on," he said.

"We?" she asked, "Who says I'm going with you?"

"I do," he replied, "I'm not about to leave a poor, defenseless girl out here on her own, especially one with a bad leg."

Palanhiliel really had no choice. But could he be trusted? He did save her and bandage up her leg. She would have to trust him, at least for the time being.

"Alright," she agreed finally. Valmar went over to a tree and untied a black horse which Palanhiliel hadn't noticed until then. He helped her up and then climbed on.

"Hold on," he said. She held on to Valmar's waist as the horse started to gallop. It led them out of Lorien and off through the field, going south.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked.

"Gondor," was his reply, "I have friends there. I am in favor of King Denathor. He will provide lodging for me...and you; since you're with me."

Palanhiliel was silent. Thoughts swam through her head. Would the men of Gondor accept her? She knew that some men did not favor the elves. But Valmar was an elf. He said he had friends there, and was even in favor of the king! But how did she know Valmar was to be trusted? She hoped that everything would be fine in Gondor; that maybe she could start a new life. A better one than she had left behind. Hope raced through her. Maybe she would finally find a place where she belonged.

They rode on the rest of the day hardly speaking to one another. Palanhiliel was too tired to talk and didn't feel like speaking to this strange elf she had just met that morning. At dusk, they found a good place to rest for the night and stopped. Valmar helped Palanhiliel off the horse. He laid a blanket out for her to sleep on.

"Hungry?" he asked. She nodded eagerly. She hadn't eaten since breakfast and all she had had were a few berries.

"I will have to go find something for I have no provisions," he said, "I will be back soon. Namarie!" He ran off leaving Palanhiliel alone as it grew darker.

The night grew colder as the sun set. It had almost been an hour and there was no sign of Valmar. Palanhiliel started to get worried. Where was he? She decided to go look for him. She took the blanket he had laid out for her and wrapped it around herself for warmth. She tried mounting the horse, but it hurt her leg too much. She limped away from the horse and off into the night in search of Valmar. About ten minutes away from where they had stopped to rest, she started to yell his name.

"Valmar! Valmar! Where are you?" No answer. She kept walking on through the dark until suddenly she stepped on something. Something hard. She looked down. It was Valmar's bow. Any elf in their right mind who was going hunting wouldn't leave their bow lying on the ground. Palanhiliel picked up the bow. There was something wet on the side of it. Blood.

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