Outcast - Chapter Four - Gondor

Four days later, Palanhiliel woke in a beautiful room in the kingdom of Gondor, courtesy of Denethor. She and Valmar had arrived by horseback the day before. As Valmar said, he was in favor of Denethor and they were quickly tended to. She recounted everything to the Denethor including her banishment from Mirkwood. He was gracious enough and agreed to let Palanhiliel dwell in Gondor and to go wherever she pleased.

After she got out of bed, and was bathed and dressed, Valmar led her around Gondor. He was like new, full of life. You never would have guessed that he nearly escaped death just a few days before.


That night they stood in the garden opposite each other. The starlight illuminated her flowing dress and made her eyes sparkle. The jewel of her necklace captured the starlight and held it in a comforting glow.

"Valmar," she started, tears welling in her eyes.

He put his finger up to her lips.

"Shh. I know, but now everything's fine. Perfect."

She stared up into his deep gray eyes and he down into her dark brown pools.
He took her in his arms.

"I love you," he whispered.

Then he kissed her.

After a whole life of torment, hatred, and pain, she had found someone who truly loved her. He loved her more than anything. She was his everything. She was an outcast no longer.

Author's Note: Yep, that's the last chapter! But have no fear! There's still an epilogue and you finally find out why she was banished and what happened after this story.

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