Orc Gone Good - Piece fourteen

York-ie crawled on the rocky cliffs, sometimes hiding in cracks and shadows to cover himself from approaching Goblins. He kept a cautious ear out for the voices of his companions; he only heard vague rough voices echo off the stones, and by those he followed.

Finally he found them, all chained together sitting on the ground. They looked beaten, and very tired. The first York-ie spotted was Gordon; his beard looked like it had been cut, it was not full and bushy like it had been, it looked dirt crusted, and singed by fire. York-ie stayed clung to the cliff, peering at the low-spirited dwarves.

'Whatsss can I do? How can I frees them, I wonder. Maybe fight? Yessss, fight.' York-ie crept above the guards' heads, looking down on their dread-lock hair. They talked low, but not clear enough to make out, and their words must have been of ill. York-ie hung quiet headfirst looking down on his prey. He waited for the perfect moment, not daring to attack hastily. waiting, waiting, waiting, and suddenly falling onto their heads! He pulled two swords from his belt and slayed both guards! All the dwarves jumped to their feet like they sat on a thorn.

'York-ie? Why are you here?' said Gurwick nearly shouting.

'Ssssccs. Be quietss! You will bring more!' said York-ie.

'I can't believe you have come! Where's Gonli and the others?' asked Keiwick.

'Sss, perhaps looking to finish me off!' said York-ie. Keiwick changed his look at York-ie, from surprise to concern.
York-ie searched the slain for keys to the bonds. He unhooked them from the guard's sash and unbound Gordon who stood speechless.

'You came for us,' said Gordon. 'Why did you come?'

'I musts sssay, I came in parts for me. I need to tell you something, and no matter what they sssay, it is not true.' York-ie gave the rusted keys to Doc who began going down the line, unlocking all the cuffs.

'Listen to who? Who is "they"?' asked Gordon.

'Not now, we musst-,' suddenly York-ie's words were cut off by the cries of shrill evil creatures.

'York-ie, they are too many, we can't win,' said Gordon, peaking around the corner of the bend, watching the on coming terror.

'We musstss try,' said York-ie, 'Whether you fight with me, I will battle for the sake of my heart.' He gave Gordon the axe off his back, gave Bordon his other sword and gave a knife to different Dwarves. They stood side by side, facing the direction of the cries. A slight thud and vibration rattled in the stone under their feet, and a great roar rolled off the cliffs. Suddenly, twenty Goblins charged around the corner, some on the ground, some crawling on the rock face! York-ie, Gordon and Bordon clashed their weapons into Goblin armor, staining the rock floor with black blood and twitching limbs. York-ie threw daggers into their throats, and Gordon showed great skill with his weapon of might.

Those dwarves without weapons stood back and locked sight on York-ie, watching his skilled fighting, as an elf he fought, quick and slick, almost prancing at times. Nearly ten Goblins were killed, then all the company attacked with stones and sharp edged rocks, merely injuring the beasts, so York-ie, Gordon, and Bordon could finish them.

Five remained, Bordon suffered a wound to his shoulder, and another dwarf bled from the head. They thought all was won, until their hearts were struck with fear by a great thunderous crash of toppling rubble and cracking stone!

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