Orc Gone Good - Piece fifteen

Stones, and rocks rolled and tumbled to the ground! Half the column of stone that stood tall in front of York-ie was broken! Once the dust settled, York-ie saw a tall bent beast of great size! It held a mace in one hand, and a large stick, like a trunk of a tree in the other.

'A Troll!' shouted a dwarf from behind. At that moment the Troll lifted the heavy head of the mace over his shoulders and brought it down over the dwarves, missing them by inches! The stone floor that received the strike cracked, sending a rumble over the battle floor! The Troll then swung the trunk into a pile of fighting dwarves and Goblins, sending them rolling through the air.
York-ie struck the Troll on the waist and leg many times, but the beast was unmoved; it only swung its mighty weapons, sending bodies barreling into the mountain walls! York-ie finally crawled high onto a rocky overhang and looked down on the battle. His swords were drawn; he snarled, and then leapt from the high perch, falling onto the back of the Troll! It roared with the might of a thunder blast! York-ie stabbed and dug into the neck of the creature, drawing its attention off the dwarves.

A sudden whistle was heard, turning sharper and suddenly halting with a thud! Many more were heard, some halting, it seemed, right next to York-ies' head. York-ieHe then saw Keiwick shooting black arrows at the Troll. Where he got his bow, he could not tell, but his shots always pierced a tender spot on the wild beast.

The goblins slowly fell, or fled, but some stayed and fought stubbornly. One of greater size held a long sword with a cruel end; he swung it wide, striking the dwarves' armor. Many times the dwarves struck him before he was finally killed; once the leader was taken down, the rest leapt and crawled in flight.

The Troll tossed itself about, trying to sling York-ie from its back. It threw its body against the stone cliff, throwing throwing off York-ie's balance, making him fall on his back far below, from York-ies' view. All the dwarves shouted out with a war cry when they charged the beast, But the Troll only stamped away, crushing small rocks under his toeless feet.

Gordon quickly ran to York-ie's aid. He lay on his back with blood trailing from his forehead, to his crooked, fang-disordered mouth.

'Are you ok?' asked Gordon.

'Sss, yess,' said York-ie.

'You don't look ok,' said Bordon, 'Come, if we get you out of here, then I will tend to those wounds.'

'I shall never want to hold a weapon of such filth again,' said Keiwick as he chucked the bow over the edge of the cliff. 'You saved us all York-ie, I suppose I must look upon you with thankfulness at least.'

York-ie said nothing, he only stared into Keiwick's bright, but deceiving eyes.

The newly united company climbed down from the death-covered platform, jumping and sliding from foot place, to stony edge, slowly descending the slopes, with a cautious eye. But the dwarves were weary, and were slow in their moving.

'Quickssly, move quickssly!' said York-ie hastily. 'They will be back, and withs more to fightsss. We will ressst on the bottom.' So they moved on, with York-ie pushing them; warning them of the coming Goblins.

The heavy clouds above broke and revealed a blue sky, once the company reached the feet of the slopes. Though their dangers were far from past, the company sat and rested, panting and lying flat on their backs. York-ie did not cease in warning the dwarves of their danger, but he could also understand the fierce traveling they had to go through with the never-tiring Goblins.

'York-ie, how can I thank you for saving us? If it weren't for you, then we would be lost inside the endless, dark tunnels of the Goblins.'

'I only asks you to believe me,' said York-ie.

'Believe what?' said Gordon

'Not now, laters. Now we musst be gone, they will come backss!' York-ie lifted them all to their feet and guided them back into the fields, somewhere were they would be safe, for now.

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