Orc Gone Good - Piece eleven

York-ie and another ten Dwarves went in search of a tree. A larger tree than before, so the fear of tipping into the water would not be a problem. Gordon plopped in the grass and ate a cake. He thought about the accident, pondering on Keiwick's words. His heart told him that York-ie had nothing to do with it, but his mind told him the truth he did not want to accept.

For hours he sat in the grass, in deep thought. Dusk sank around him, the sun lowered behind the horizon, and the first star peeped down on the camp. Gordon fell into a light sleep, yet deep enough to have a dream, a dream that made no sense in any way. The sounding of thunderous horns then woke him from his dream that he did not remember. He passed it as only the arrival of York-ie and the Dwarves, but he suddenly leapt to his feet. He peered over the gold grass,grass; he saw spears dancing on the hill alongside them. Nearly a hundred shadow-hidden figures with glinting armor trampled and crushed the weeds that infested the field. Gordon cried out his orders, commanding the entire Company to stand firm in the pathway of the marching figures. Black feathered arrows whistled onto their hill, pricking the ground at their feet. Keiwick replied to the attacks, striking the shadows, hearing them squeal before they vanished under the brush. They all stood watching and waiting for the attack.

York-ie and some Dwarves walked quietly in the cool darkness, searching for a tall wide tree. Many stars twinkled above, the moon looked like a clipped toenail in the sky, which shone a pale blue.

The Dwarves looked at York-ie with anger, hate, and a small dose of fear. They all had their weapons handy for quick release, and they stayed away from him the best they could. They moved quickly over the rolling hills, peering into the darkness with wide eyes. Once five miles from camp, they stumbled across a lush cluster of trees, standing high at the bottom of a hill. The Company looked up at the rustling leaves, and then they all took rest at their base. York-ie lay back and breathed deep.

'Ah, I had almost forgotten how much I love the cold night air, and how restful it is on the eyes to not squint from the sun's light,' said York-ie with a sudden change in voice. The Dwarves looked oddly at him, wondering what had happened to the hissing slithering speech he had.

The Dwarf, Gonli looked at him sideways and cursed him under his breath, 'An Orc would prefer the dark; they would use it to slit someone's throat. That's all the night is good for, to an Orc anyway.'

York-ie jumped to his feet and snarled at Gonli, 'I growss tired of the ssside remarkss you Dwarves make! I have done nothing to yous, sssso keep your hole shut,' said York-ie with his Orcish tone now returned. Gonli stood and looked at York-ie in a challenging way, then suddenly all the Dwarves pounced onto York-ie like vultures on a dead carcass. York-ie roared and threw the Dwarves from his back, but the strength of all ten was beyond his might.

'Whhatss are you doingsss?' shouted York-ie in a rage of anger. 'Unhand me's! Or I will kills you!' York-ie shouted out words that his heart did not mean to say, though his anger spoke for him. Gonli laughed.

'So you do still hold the Orc evil inside,' he said. 'Keiwick was right; you are nothing but a fake! By the orders of Keiwick, we are going to kill you.' They dragged York-ie from the trees and out into the open field. Gonli's axe was firmly placed in his hands.

'You piece of filth Dwarfsss! Cursse you! Curse you!' shouted York-ie as he fought to get away. Suddenly with great might, York-ie bit the hands of the Dwarves that held him, attacking with great strength! He hit and beat with his huge fists and arms, he roared with the power of a hundred war horns! He took the axe from a Dwarf's belt and swung it wide, smacking helms and breastplates, knocking the Dwarves to the ground. Then York-ie stopped and calmed his nerves so he might use his wits. He tossed the axe and ran into the thick of trees. The Dwarves scurried to their feet so they might follow, but Gonli stopped them.

'There is no need to chase him; he has faster legs than us. And besides, he will not come back to camp, not after the story we tell Gordon. And to Keiwick we will say he is dead, just as planned.'

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