Anna-apacen stood before them. She knew the choice was hers to make. She looked once again at the small people before her, knowing that to tell them what she had seen could jeopardize their lives, their kingdom, and their future. She was a seer, soothsayer, and fortune-teller, one with the second-sight. On the day she was born, lightning had cleaved the tree by the window in two. Since then, the dark spells would come over her, and the world would melt away, only to be replaced by a whirling vision of what was to come. They often came at night, and she would waken drenched in sweat, terrified by the knowledge locked within her. For these visions were never pleasant, oh no, but menacing, terrible things. Her brethren were awed by her presence, but careful not to venture too near. She could not rely on their counsel to make her decision.

The small people; the journeyers from afar wished to receive the guidance and blessing of the wise ones. But Anna knew the terrible things that would come to pass should they choose the wrong path. She also knew that telling them, or guiding them against that path could twist the river of time, and induce a fate more dire than failure. It could turn them forever to the dark, or even cause her own destruction. However, the small people held with them something with the mightiest power, and their failure of their mission could lead to a danger far greater than she herself could imagine. Here was the ultimate choice she must make. And now the Lady was beckoning, forcing her to come to her decision. As she walked slowly forward, she considered her position. Warn them and risk all, or dismiss them and leave them to their own devices.

She came nearer the leader, and visibly drew herself up. She had contemplated the risks and reached her own decision. She could only hope that it was for the best.

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