One Single Tear: The Luthriel Chronicles - Chapter 3 part 2

Hey, this the second part of chapter 3, I do hope you enjoy. This one is definitley better than the last one.

Legolas grew uneasy, "You traveled alone? You have been gone far too long. Brother, you have forgotten that orcs, wolves, and other dark creatures dwell in this forest. . . . Elmir, tell me, how did you get into the village? All the entrances and exits are guarded. Someone must have seen you pass."

Elmir smiled, but didn't answer him.

Ravynhir suddenly walked into the library. She ignored the two brothers and walked past them. Shee made her way to a silver book shelf and grabbed a book that was two inches thick. Ravyn made her a way over to a stole, she sat and began reading.

All the while, Legolas stood dumbfounded. He walked up to Ravynhir and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Um, Ravyn, my love," he softly said. "What are you doing out of the hospital?"

She didn't look up from her book or even answer him, she just kept reading.

Elmir saw this as an opportunity to get away from his brother before they could finish the conversation. He started towards the exit.

"Don't you anywhere!" snapped Ravyn. Elmir jumped in surprise from the sound of Ravyn's demanding voice. His hand instantly went to his chest to calm himself down.

He kept his hand where it was just to mock Ravyn. "Ravynhir! That utterly terrified me!"

Legolas pursed his lips, and balled his fists.

Elmir ignor the glaring look his brother was giving him. "That must be a very interesting book you're reading, Ravyn."

"Elmir," Legolas called softly, but firmly. Legolas never raised a hand out of anger to any of his brothers, but Elmir persisted in harassing Ravyn. Yet, if his brother didn't stop, Legolas would make sure that he went to the Havens with a black eye.

The prince let his frustration go out with a sigh. He directed his attention back to Ravynhir. He scratched his head. "Ravyn, love, um. . . are you sure that you should be out of the hospital?"

Why on earth would her doctors let her go? Two days ago Ravyn had been unconscious and in much pain, now, she seemed fine! This was getting ridiculous and confusing!

Ravyn looked up from her book. She studied Legolas for a moment. "You have been to Imladris. I have never been. You know the people, their ways, I do not. I-"

"So you're going to learn about Lord Elrond and his people by reading an out dated book?" Elmir cut in. Ravynhir glared at Elmir.

Ravynhir's voice boomed as loud as a woman's voice could. "I am reading about their HISTORY!!" She was shaking in anger and fustration with Elmir. It took her a moment to calm down, and when she did, a smile as big as the Cheshire cat's in Alice and the Wonderland, appeared on her face.

"Elmir," She said in a sinister voice. "Thranduil is coming."

Ravyn watched as Elmir frantically tried to find a way out. He quickly realised that Ravyn had used her powers to trap him in there by moving all the book shelves to block all exits, save for one.

Elmir ran to that exit. The archway led into a dark hallway. Elmir was starting to go through the archway when-

Okay I'm done for today. I hope you thought this was better, I think I did a better job on this part.
Sorry for the ending. : ) I'm sorry its so short.
Thank you for reading and I will have the next part following this one shortly.


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