One Last Kiss - Part 2

Eldarion, having been employed to find out the real cause of this war, was currently waiting to be taken into see Prince Imrahil. He was the best choice for the information. Elessar would tell him nothing until "the time was right" and Faramir would not be worth going to...he would know no more than was required of his station. A guard then came out to take the Prince in.

As soon as the Swan Knight had left, Imrahil questioned, "What brings you here today, My Lord Prince?"

"Matters of the war, sir." Eldarion replied with a straight face. He did this quite often.

Imrahil raised an eyebrow. "And what would you know, Lord? I shall provide answers as readily as I can."

"I would know of the real cause of this war. You cannot expect me to believe that this war came upon simply by Haradrim and such invading our borders."

Imrahil stiffened. "I am commanded to speak of this matter to no one. Not even you, Lord."

Eldarion fixed the long time monarch with his best glare that he had inherited from his father, which was said to be able to skin the wool off a sheep from a league away. "Imrahil, tell me. Now. I am on the ruling Council as my father's heir and as such have a right to know. That was not a request."

It seemed that as it was with the Elfstone, no living man could withstand the Son of the Eldar's glare, thus including Imrahil of Dol Amroth. The son of Adrahil's shoulders slumped with defeat as he said, "As you will, Lord. In the depths of the night, the King received this letter. He has given it into my keeping as he deems the palace unsafe for such an important thing. Your father wished to spirit it away where none would suspect it to be." Imrahil reached within a locked drawer and pulled out a letter, which he handed to the future King. It read:

King Elessar of the House of Telcontar of Gondor:

I am Ulfar, King of Harad. My people have waited many years to do war with Gondor, and now the time has finally come. I forced them to wait. To wait until the heir of Gondor was full grown. And now he is. Tell your people within three days of receiving this letter that Gondor is going to war. Or your only son will be assassinated by the best murderer in Harad before your very eyes in my palace. He will know everything you do. He will know if you son has been spirited way to the far north. He will know you battle plans. He will know everything. And you must lose. You must be defeated in this war, or your line will end with your death. If you are not defeated in this war, than your daughters will be killed with your son and your wife shall become mine.


Ulfar of Harad, Vilak of Umbar, Heyub of Khand and Mhekar of Rhûn

Eldarion slowly lowered the paper from his face, in shock that this could happen. Imrahil could not meet his eyes. "I am sorry, Eldarion. I am sorry."

After a moment, Elessar's son turned and fled the room, leaving a guilty Imrahil in his wake.


"Elboron! Elboron! Come, you must know this!" Eldarion begged entry to his friend's chamber.

Finally the door flew open, a very cross Elboron on the other side. "What is it, Eldarion?! What is so important that you have to wake me up in middle of the night for?"

"It wasn't safe to tell you in daylight. Now, let me in and you shall know." The Prince replied.

Admitting his liege, Elboron asked. "Now tell me."

"I found out the real reason of the war."

"And? What is it?" Faramir's son replied.

"A threat on my life and my sisters and to make my mother the whore of a Haradric King."


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