Olga's Story ~part 2~

Author's note [B/] Hello all of you! Alright, I will try to make this next part longer. I have a basic idea of what is going to happen but, remember that I am making this up as I go along. Oh, and for all of you (I hope for your sake this doesn't go for yourselves) that haven't read the story about Arenial the Extrodanary Elf.... READ IT! IT IS SO GOOD!

Sixteen year old, Melany Falcon stopped mid-stride. "What the hec? She asked nobody in paticular. Blinking a few times, Mel realized that she hadn't just imagined it, a fat, little boy had just come from nowhere and, had appeared before her on the middle of the sidewalk. He wasn't moving. "Are you okay?" She asked him. No answer came. "Oh you poor little boy, I'll take you home and, find out who you are there."
"Don't touch me! I do not want to go to your home with you and, I am NOT A BOY!" The little person suddenly spoke up, startling Mel.
Now, very curious to what was gonig on, Mel bent down and looked closer at her, or him, she really didn't know. "I'm sorry, you're a girl, aren't you then?"
"Yes. What else? Why is it so loud here, where am I and, where are all the trees?"
"There aren't any trees in the middle of the street. I do not understand, if you are a girl, why do you have so much facial hair and such thick beard?" The look on her face let Mel know she had hit a sensitive spot. "Oh, I am sorry, never mind about that question. I've been rude, not even introducing myself! My name is Melany, but everybody calls me Mel, you can too."
"Fine. I am Olga. Where am I? I have never seen these things that surround us, those large moving pieces of steel on wheels, the tall buildings and so many fake lights, so so many. I don't like it here! I wish to go home!"
Mel bit her lip, who was she? That was the question SHE wanted to know the answer to. "Uh, those would be cars, office bulidings and signs for stores, lit up to draw attention to themselves, to make the people passing by want to make go in and see what is inside. We are in Toronto, ever heard of it?"
"No." Olga answered in a matter-of-fact voice. "Where is that?"
"Oh dear." Mel muttered. "Toronto is a city in a province called Ontario, which is in a country called Canada, just north of the United States. Canada is in the contenent of North America which is part of EARTH! Does that answer you?"
"EARTH? As in Middle-earth?"
"No Olga, this is not Lord Of the Rings. I think you are sick, maybe I'll bring you to the hospital. They will know what to do with you."
"Mel! Don't!" Olga wasn't positve what a hospital was, but she knew she didn't want to go there. Fact was, she was scared and, even though she wouldn't admitte to it, but Olga wasn't very keen on the idea of leaving Mel. Mel knew what was happening around her, she didn't. "I'm not sick. I am a dwarf from Middle-Earth. I was getting mad about looking so manly so, I was walking to my grandfather's to see if he would help me. My mother says I musn't shave my beard. I triped and fell. That's all I remember."
Mel shook her head, not believing it at all. "Well," she sighed, "would you like to go get it taken care of? We might as well."
"What taken care of?"
"The beard, I'll take you somewhere where they will gladly do it for you."
Olga's eyes lit up and, for the first time, Mel saw a little fit of a feminine side to her. "Truly?"
"Truly." Mel laughed, thinking it was funny to see such a person so excited.

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