Olga'a Story - Unhappy dwarf

Author's note: I haven't finished writing this. I wasn't going to, but if I get positive feed back from you guys, then I might. (Oh and, I don't know much about dwarves, so if any of you ppl do and, I say something incorrect about about them, please let me know in your comments)

Moaning, the young dwarf lady looked away from the mirror. "Ug, I hate the way I look! Why can't I be beautiful like the females of other species? If I were human or elf, surly I wounldn't look so manly."
"Who are you talking to, Olga?" Her mother entered the room.
"Nobody, just myself." She was embarrased to be caught complaining. Her family was well respected and, she had no reason to be unhappy.

Finally one day, she could take it no more. "Mother," she declared, "I hate being a dwarf! I may as well be a man, for that is exactly what I look like! I've seen the elf and human ladies, they are so beautiful. No facial hair at all. I think I am going to get rid of my beard!"
"Oh no!" Her mother exclaimed. "You are young, you don't know what you want. Wait a while, then you'll be happy you are a dwarf. You will see the good life you have for what it is."
"No I won't! I can promise you that. I am going to see Grandfather, he'll know what to do!"
"Not your GRANDFATER!" Ogla's mother had never liked her in-laws, and she tried her best to keep Olga from visting them. Especially her grandfather. Her attemps were usless, as usual, and her daughter was already out the door and, on her way.

Now, Olga had never gone the full day-long journey to Grandfather's home alone, but she knew the way well, better than her own hand. A few hours into the walk, she triped on a root and fell face first on the hard, stoney path. She was knocked unconciouse.

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