Not Alone - An elf who makes the fatal decision to remain behind

The great bell is tolling
Calling me home
The sea waves are rolling
For here, I am alone

The white gulls are crying
"Return to your kind!"
I see a cloud's silver lining
Shining in on my mind
The light is defeating
I know I am prone
It feels like a beating
For here, I'm alone

The elves, they are singing
Of the skie's starry dome
But this fear's still clinging
For here, I am alone

The dwarves, they are mining
The in gold and silver caves
But he who has poor timing
This tar, dirt road paves
The men, they are pushing
For I'm as ancient as a bone
"Just stop this wishing,
For here, you're alone"

So I've made my choice,
A desperate one though,
Though this world is moist,
I'll make this one my home
For wars will continue
And I will find peace
Those like me, there are few
But my valour won't cease
And I'll find a purpose
Away from my kin
I'll pick up my cutlass
Have freedom again

They'll sing of my deeds
My highs and my lows
And I will be pleased
I'll not be alone

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