Noldolante - Finduilas - a double-drabble

Disclaimer/A.N: This has a few of the same ideas as my longer Finduilas fic, but I felt like trying a drabble from her point of view. Anyway, I don't own it.

I was a fool. I know that, now. And I knew it then.

I'd loved Gwindor - thought I'd loved him - despaired of his ever returning. I missed him. I wept. I spent nights pacing, and wishing that I could see the stars, instead of carved stone above me.

And I listened, to the tales and songs. No one ever thought I could hear, when they'd speak of how he watched his brother's death, and beat upon the doors of Angband in his rage.

And his grief. I knew him. I knew that he had grieved.

And I gave up hope.

Then there he was, suddenly, bent and aged and so, so tired. I watched the shadows flicker, the walls and torchlight, red, and saw them in his eyes. Only Eru knows what he had seen in the darkness. He loved me still.

And I - I was a fool.

Many say that, in these halls. Many say it truly. As do I. But I had known all along.

Faelivrin, he called me. And warned me. And forgave me. And that - more than any act or word or thought in this shattered world - it broke my heart.

I will never be forgiven.


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