Night Blooming Jasmine - Ch.1

Earth 1999
Jasmine was sitting on her bed listening to music with her headphones on her head, when suddenly, a black, gloved hand covered her mouth and with his other hand ripped off her headphones.

She was picked up from her bed and shoved to her feet. She looked in horror as she saw two more men. She only had a few seconds to look at her kidnappers before she was blindfolded and gagged.

They were all tall and lean, and they all had long brown hair with dark eyes. They were all garbed in black clothing. She was jerked back to reality when she heard one of them muttering in a strange language. It was smooth and swift yet with a dark and evil intent behind it. The next thing she knew, the guy who was holding her hit her hard on the head and knocked uncountious.

Jasmine awoke hours later in the middle in some sort of forest. She thought she was in a park but taking a second look at the trees told her differently.

The bark on the tree was of light color and was unblemished of any sort. The tree's great majestic boughs whispered of a time before living beings walked the lands. A time before people brought wars and weapons, a time when animals of all sorts walked the lands freely without the cares they had now. In these woods she had a sense of calm yet felt uneasy.

Her peaceful contemplation was shattered as her kidnappers walked into the clearing. They looked much the same except, they seemed more at ease, they seemed they were in their home, they were less taunt, Their step lighter, Their posture more relaxed, Their expressions less grim yet, still fierce. She confirmed her earlier conclusion: there was indeed only three. The two guys slightly behind the leader broke off in seperate directions of the camp and started to pack their small amount of cargo as the leader approached her

Please be good readers and review. Now I know that in the past I have started stories and never finished them. But this one is different. I've been writing for two months in one of my Journals so I have quite a lot of stuff already. Oh and sorry for the short chapter! The next like 2 or 3 chapters are gonna be like this.

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