Nenriel Daughter Of Elrond - Chapter one-a strange childhood

Sorry this is short....will be continued.

From birth I never knew my parents. I had been sent away to live with wood Elves, and I was taught to believe I was one. I was only a few months younger than the king's son, Legolas, and we played together. It was not thatI found out until much older what I was." Nenriel! Nenriel!" a voice called. I smiled. I had grown up with that voice for twelve years. It was my birthday today, and Legolas stood at my door. It must be a gift, I knew it was. It was a beautiful necklace, made in replica of the Nauglamir, with a stone of adamant set where the Silmaril was. "Thank you!" I hugged him and he laughed. "It's part of the Prince's jewels. I certainly won't wear it, so maybe my sister should, as she's a princess!" We smiled. Neither of us knew about where I was truly from. We raced eachother to an outdoor feasting hall, where they were preparing a special breakfast.
As we all ate and drank, Thranduil handed me a box. "Happy birthday!" he said. It was a beautiful polished silver mirror, rare as a Teleri Elf in Mirkwood and worthy of a fair queen. I looked at my reflection but my hair was dark, unlike legolas, Thranduil or any Elves present. So then it was I began to suspect something. One hundred years later, Thranduil told me all. I possessed something called "Gift of the valar" but no one truly knew what it was, save some, and they are not named. He also told me I was sister to Arwen, Elladan and Elrohir, and daughter of Celebrian and Elrond. But why was I abandoned. Because of a prophecy. But no one will say what it is, for it is a cursed prophecy, and none will ever tell of it again, save once.

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