Nemisis-- Beauty of the stars - Ch 1

It was a moonless night. Jasmine was walking through the foot hills of Morodor. She had wondered about the black smoke rising in the air. There was a noise behind her. Jasmine turned, sword ready in hand. But all she saw was a little man. He had dark curly hair, blue eyes, and very hairy feet. She could tell he was dieing by the blood running down his back.

"Friend or foe," his voice crackled.

"Friend, here let me help you."

"Please, take this to mount doom and destroy it."

"No, please dont die."

"Sam is dead. Gollum killed him and now me."

Jasmine's sapphire like eyes darkened. She cried as she buried the young hobbit.
She went back to Minas Tirith. There she got her horse, Lilly, And rode for Rohan. Jasmine hoped to seek help there. On the way she helped some villages escape to Helm's deep where the was rumor the king was headed.


"He's gone, Aragorn, I can sense it," Legolas said.

"then the war is lost," Aragorn asked?

"No, someone was with him I'm sure."

Jasmine walked into the room.

"I request to see the king," she said.

"He is busy planning," a man said.

"Planning for what?"

"This place will be under seige tonight,"he said.

"Here, come sit with us," Legolas said.


"Tell me what is so important?"

"I met a hobbit at the foot hills of Mordor. He was dying when he found me. He told me to... to... ."

"To what?"

"Take the ring to Mordor."

Legolas was struck with horror. A woman take the ring to Mordor. She would never make it even without the burden.

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