Nemesis-Beauty of the stars - chapter 1

On a bright and sunny morning, in the middle of spring, Azhure went out riding though the trails of Mirkwood. So she got up out of her oak bed and opened her window to look at the veiw. There she could see all of Mirkwood in its glory. Azhure went to her vanity and brushed her long blonde hair, then she'd put ash in a bowl, pour a tad of water in and put it around her dark blue eyes. After that she went to get her riding clothes on, and headed for the stables.
Azhure's horse, Peristina, was brown with white patches and she galloped with the wind. Azhure rode through the trails of Mirkwood to her favorite spot. It was a clearing with a pond for Peristina to drink from. Azhure unpacked some food and brandy. She sat in the grass and ate. Peristina lifted her head and looked into the trees.
Azhure took out her sword. A small group of orcs were dragging a small being. One spotted Azhure.

"Over there," it said pointing.

"Its not nice to point and stare. I'll have your head," she said.

"Not if I have it first."it said outraged.

The orc swung and Azhure ducked, then cut of its leg. As it fell, she came up and stabbed it. The others quickly dropped thier burdon and came to gang up on her. Azhure looked them in their black eyes. One after another they laid dead. She went up to the last one that was gasping for life and grabbed it by the throat.

"Who sent you? And where are you going?"

"I'll never tell"

She slapped it.

"Tell me or you'll never see a tomorrow."

"Sauron, Mordor."

And with that the life faded from the ugly beast.

Azhure ,drenched in blood, walked over to the thing they were dragging. It was a lifeless hobbit. Azhure looked up at the sky,

"Oh, Galadriel, why a hobbit?"

Something flashed in the corner of her eye. She looked down. There it was in all its darkness, the ring. Something was luring her, tempting her to take it, and so she did. She grabbed the hobbit who was just hardly alive and rode home. When she got there she went immediatly to the medicine house or the hospital.

"Please he's in critical condition."

"we'll do all we can," the nurse said and rushed of with the fragile hobbit.

Azhure then went home when she heard disturbing news.

"PRINCE LEGOLAS IS BACK, we found him in the woods, he's injured," a man shouted trying to get through the crowd.

Azhure looked down at the ring, which was still in her hand.

"What have you done," she whispered.

To be continued

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