Namne's story - Elronds council

Elrond helped her with her luggage and showed her her room.
"your free to look around the council you seek isnt till 12 o clock"responded Elrond.
As Elrond left Namne went into her room and dozed of she woke it was still early in the morning so she went to look around.As she walked she noticed the time.
"oh no im going to be late im on the other side of the city".
Namne raced to the meeting place BAM Namne fell to the ground an elf clad in green and brown.
"oh im terribly sorry"he said
"i bet you are".
Namne strode off and finally got seated.(30 minutes later)when is this going to start oh great theres that stupid elf clad in green and brown but i have to adment he is kind of cute oh no hes looking at me.she thought.
"Now for indroductions"elrond said"this is glion his son gimli galdor (then elrond pointed to the stupid elf clad in green and brown)legolas.About an hour later.I will take it though i dont know the way ,a little man by the name frodo stood up every eye fell on him then another little man came out then anther and another till there where 4 of themwe will go with you mr frodo.and i will show you the way said gandalf,and you have my sword aragorn said,and you have my bow said legolas,and you have my ax gimli grunted,and i shall come my road leads that way said boromir,and you have my bow cause i fear the one who offered you his bow is bound to mess up since he runs into people without noticeing.responed Namne.
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