Mysterion - Prologue

The waves lapped softly against the banks. The sun shone down on the wide river. The sky was a soft blue overhead. Birds cheeped softly. A man laid unconscience on the banks. His orange-brown hair was ragged and uneven. His clothes were in tatters. A recked boat lay on the shore nearby. A sword lay on the ground near the man. He stirred and opened his eyes. Where am I, he thought? Suddenly, in alarm, he thought, who am I? His heart beat loudly. I'm stuck in a strange place with no idea who I am, he thought in alarm.

Slowly he got up and looked at his surroundings. He was lying near a wide river. The river ran through a forest. He was in this forest. There was a fruit tree nearby. He suddenly realized that he was famished. He walked over to the tree and plucked an apple. As he crunched into the apple he thought about what he was going to do. He would travel through the forest and onword trying to find something that might make him remember who he was. He would take the sword, too. He walked over and picked up the sword. It felt right in his hands. He knew then, for sure, that this was his sword. He began to walk through the forest. He needed a name. What was he? A mystery. Mysterion. That would be his name. As he walked through the woods, he felt somehow free and without a care in the world. With this strangely wondorous feeling flowing in his blood, Mysterion began his long and treacherous journey.

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