My_Trip_To_middle_Earth - chapter 9

( elvish )

[ acient elvish ]
I woke up again to have an even worse head ache then before.

" My aching head," I groaned.

It was in an unknown part of my mind.

" You're awake," a hobbit cried galloping over to me.

I groaned and held my head in pain.

" Gandalf," Ruby's in a lot of pain," the hobbit that ran over to me yelled.

" Alright I'm coming," Gandalf replied getting up and walking over to me.

i tried to sit up but the pain was too great.

" It's ok, just lay down," a voice stated beside me.

I turned around to see where the voice was coming from. The voice was Legolas'.

" My head hurts," I stated and curled up next to him.

He was startled at first by my behavior but got over that quickly. He heard a soft crying coming from me. Legolas felt very bad and put my head in his lap, moving my hands off my head so that Gandalf could investigate and help me.

" Her powers are returning quickly. Her mind can't handle this much power," Gandalf said standing up again," I can't do anything for her."

" There has to be something you could do," Legolas cried.

" No, I can't do anything. This is a battle for only her. Only she can fight the pain," Gandalf replied solomly.

" So you're going to let her be in pain then," Legolas yelled angerly.

Gandalf didn't reply. He just walked back to the others and sat down.

" Is she going to be okay," Pippin, Merry, Frodo, and Sam asked at the same time as Gandalf sat back down.

" It's her powers, she can't handle it right now," Gandalf said.

Pippin got up to go over there but Gandalf stopped him.

" Don't, right now she needs someone quiet and someone she trusts," Gandalf said.

" Like Legolas," Pippin muttered jealously looking back at me and Legolas.

" Just ignore the pain," Legolas soothed running a hand up and down my back.

I just kept crying, grabbing onto his tunic with one of my hands.

" I.... can't," I cried as tears flowed down my cheeks.

He shushed me and kept rubbing my back," don't talk, just stay quiet."

Soon, my breathing became shallow. Legolas then knew that I was asleep. Like all elves do, he went into an elven sleep with his eyes open. All the while rubbing my back.

Remember your former self

come back to your world

come back to your life


The next morning when i woke up I felt... wierd. Not the bad type of wierd, but a strong, good feeling type. I felt Legolas still rubbing my back. I turned my head finding Legolas asleep in a elvish fashion.

( "Thanks Legolas" I said in elvish not knowing it,( "what the the..."

With a start Legolas woke up. he looked as if I were insane... or just got a big bump on my head.

" Did you just speak elvish," he stated more than asked incredously.

" I... have no idea," I replied.

" Here is a test," Legolas said," you have to guess what I say and if you get it right then you speak elvish."

( "Are you feeling better today," he said in elvish.

I replied,(" Yes thank you."

Yeah you speak elvish, but how," Legolas said and pondered the thought.

" That is because she is getting her memory and powers back," Gandalf said out of know where.

I sat up and rubbed my temples.

" The others are already to go, so hurry," Gandalf said and walked ahead.

I tried to stand up I lost my balance and grabbed onto Legolas' sholder.

" Come on," Legolas said, grabbed my hand and ran to the group.

As we walked to Moria I unsheethed my dagger and looked at the gem. It was half full.

" You are at half strength," Legolas said looking over my sholder.

" Oh......" I said and shethed my dagger again.

Sorry it is so short.



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