My_Trip_To_Middle_Earth - chapter 7

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"Oh man, why did I have to sleep over time," I literally screamed as I got into my pants.

As you can see I, Meg... Ruby, am running late as usual. As I got on my tunic I was eating a piece of lamas bead while trying to get on my new bow and arrow that I got from Elrond the night before. Well... let's just say that it wasn't working too well. As I finally got the strap to my quiver and my shoes tied, I remembered when we were leaving. That was in two minutes.

"Awwww man, I yelled and ran out the door." As Elrond said his last words I skidded to a stop next to the fellowship.

"Well, Ruby, so nice of you to join us," Elrond said sarcastically, but with a smile. Well... I just blushed in embarrassment.

"Hehehehe," I muttered softly.

"As I was saying, may the blessings of elves, and men, and free folk go with you," Elrond concluded and did the elven custom salute.

The fellowship awaits the ring bearer, Gandalf said and moved to the side, as did the rest of the fellowship. Frodo looked around the fellowship. When his eyes rested on me I gave him an encouraging smile. He smiled back and walked out of the gates to Rivendell.

I looked back one last time at the place that helped me learn why I was even here. I would miss Bilbo but mostly Elrond for his kindness and his hospitality.

I went for the dagger that Elrond had also given me. His words still clearly, the gem on the dagger will be brightest when you are at full power again. I couldn't feel it on my hip.

I almost screamed when a hand handed me my dagger. I looked up to find Legolas holding it towards me.

"Forget something," he said and smirked.

I scowled and grabbed it and said, " Thanks Legolas. Wait a minute, how did you get it?"

" I went to see Elrond after you. I saw it on his desk and told him about it and held it up. He told me to give it to you when I saw you," Legolas said falling in stride. That wasn't too hard considering he was an elf.

We stayed quiet for 2 hours until he broke the ice," Could you explain what actually happned to you in your past life?"

" I wouldn't know cause I don't my memory back," I said. " Elrond says that I won't get my memory back for some time yet."

Suddenly Gandalf said loud enough," We will rest here tonight."

It was about 100 miles from where we had begun. It was about, from the position of the sun, 5:00 in the evening. We had left at about 7:00 in the morning.

Whe we set up camp I sat on my sleeping mat taking a short cat nap. I didn't realize how long I had slept until I felt something heavy land in my lap. I jolted my eyes open to find Pippin giggling profusly.

" Pippin," I groaned in a little pain.

He just giggled more. Gandalf looked back and said," Pippin, get off the fire mistress."

Pippin just kept on giggling as he got up. I myself got up and joined the others. I sat inbetween Legolas and Aragorn and tried to get the sleep out of my eyes.

" Want something to eat," Sam asked.

" Just a little somthing, thank you, " I replied groggly.

Sam handed me a plate of food.

" Thanks," I said and gave him a small sleepy smile.

I took a few bites and said," this is really good."

he blushed and replied," thank you."

I ate in silence as everybody else talked. Suddenly I saw a piece of my food taken away. I looked up to find Legolas eating it.

" Don't," i simply stated trying not to laugh.

" What, what'd I do," Legolas replied back.

I gave him a small, playful, glare and went back to my food.

Yet, again, Legolas stole another piece of food.

" Legolas, if you do that again, I will make you wish you wern't even born," I stated.

He just shrugged his sholders and popped the piece of food in his mouth.

I went back to eating yet again. He then again, stole another piece of MY food.

" That's it," I stated and tried to grab his arm. All I caught was air.

Legolas was already up in a tree laughing," You're gonna have to climb to do it."

I growled and got up. The rest of the fellowship was watching this in amusment.

I stomped over to the tree and said," you'd better start running, cause you are gonna get it. I started to climb the tree and got half way up before I fell flat on my backside. Legolas just kept on laughing.

Soon my back side was sore and I was getting tired. Finally Gandalf said," that is enough children."

Legolas was still laughing as he go down. I was rubbing my backside as I sat down on my sleeping mat.

" Ow," I muttered.

" We get up early tomorrow, so we need to sleep now," Gandalf said," Aragorn you get first watch.

Aragorn nodded and scouted the area. I started to lay down and go to sleep when Frodo came up to me.

" What's wrong," I asked.

" Nothing, it's just can I sleep next to you," he asked.

" Yeah of course," I replied.

He smiled and laid down in front of me. Let me just say that before I went to sleep I had all four hobbits sleeping next to me and an elf sleeping at my head.

My weapon glowed a little brighter. Little did I know, but I would be stronger.

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