My_Trip_To_Middle_Earth - chapter 3

Me, Merry, Pippin, and Sam were trudging along the dirt road path with Strider way ahead of us. "Man, I could use a nice, hot, steamy bath right now," I whined, mostly too myself. "Strider, are we almost there yet?" I yelled up to him. He looked back and saw that we were way behind. "Just a few more miles," Strider called back.

"Aw man," I groaned," this is just as bad as pe class." "What's pe?" Pippin said and came up beside me. * Now you've done it megan,* I scolded to myself. " Its a physical class and you do many games that help you get in shape," I said to Pippin. "Oh," he said and looked down to the dirt path.

"How's Bill?" I asked Sam. " He's doing ok, do you like horses?" He asked. " Yes, I do. I ride them every weekend," I said to Sam." Wow, what do you do on them," Merry asked. " Well, I race them and train them for big stake races," I told everybody. "They let women ride and train animals, cool," Pippin replied with a grin.

After a few minutes of silence Strider called basck to us," we are getting close to the gates." * finally* I thought. Ok heres the scoop. Pippin is tired so I am carrying him on my back. Merry is to my left staying close to me and Sam is on my right leading Bill.

A gaurd stopped us to see who we were and what we were doing in Rivendell. But when he saw Strider he knew we were with him and it was very important. The gates were percicly carved and had my elaborit designs. " Glad to see the elves Sam?" I asked. By the look on his face that question needed no answer.

~*~ Next Day ~*~

When I woke up the next day I noticed that my old clothes were gone and a very beautiful dress was laid out for me. * They sure do know how to give good service* I thought to myself. I got out of my nightshift and got dressed. It was very simple. It had no sleeves and fit my figure perfectly. I saw a note from Strider on my bedside table. It read:

Elrond needs to see you . Go to the double doors at the end of your hall. It is very important. Please go to him right after you read this letter.



"Ok, so that means now," I said. I put the letter back down and went out my door. I looked to my right and saw the two VERY tall double doors. I walked that way and looked all around my surroundings. I got to the double doors and before I could even knock Elrond called for me to come in.

I opened the door and walked inside. The room had a lot of open space with just pillers. Over to my right there were many books and maps of middle earth. "Welcome to Middle Earth," Elrond said to me. " How did you know I am not from here?" I asked him. " Oh, I Know a lot about you. Why don't you sit down and I'll tell you why you even came here to middle Earth." he replied. From that moment on my life would never be the same. My life was about to turn exciting and dangerous. Plus I would find love on a journey of a life time.

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