My_Trip_To_Middle_Earth - chapter 12

" Ah, it's that way," Gandalf suddenly stated pointing to the far left door way.

I stood up, helped Pippin, Merry, Frodo, and Sam stand up, and then helped Sam with his pack.

" Are you sure this is the way," a curious and hesitant Pippin asked as we started to make our way into the dark abyss of a corridor.

" Yes Perigrin Took. The air seems less foul down here. When in doub always follow your nose," Gandalf replied lighting his staff again.

As we walked down the corridor I accidentally stepped on a skeletal dwarven hand thinking it was a spider.

" Ai," I nearly screamed catipulting myself into Legolas' arms," Spider!"

Borimir, who was in front for me, bent down and picked up the hand.

" It's just a dwarf hand, Ruby," Borimir stated repressing laughter.

I blushed and everybody started to laugh.

" It's not funny," I stated while blushing like a tomato.

Legolas put me down as we started to head the rest of the way through Moria. The fellowship, besides me, was still repressing laughter for we had no clue what would happen if we didn't.

We reached the end of the corridor when Gandalf stopped.

" The halls of Moria," Gimli stated in awe considering that he had never been here bafore in a long time.

" Now there's an eye opener no mistake," Sam said incrediously.

" Dang," I muttered and the halls humongous size.

We walked along the halls when Gimli shouted in shock and ran from the group into another room. When we followed we saw a grusome site. Dawarven skeltons not all the way decomposed lying everywhere.

* Ewe * I thought to myself as I walked in and looked around.

" It reads, Here lying Balien, son of Hudien, Lord of Moria," Gandalf explained solomly taking his hat off.

Gandalf handed Pippin his hat and staff while taking a book out of a dwarven grasp and opened it up.

" They have taken the gates and the second hall. We cannot hold them for long. The ground shakes beneath our feet. We cannot get out... They are coming," Gandalf read.

Right then a loud clang sounded from where Pippin was. I ran over and tried to grab it before it fell but it was way too late. It barely missedmy hands my a mere millimeters. The skeleton fell down the well shaft with a loud bang and clang.

Tension rose into the air. i closed my eyes wishing that this part wasn't happening. When the clanging stopped everybody sighed in relief. I felt that something wasn't right.

* Oh, crap, * I thought to myself as I heard a drum sound in the halls.

There is chapter 12. The next chapter, I hope will be the last part of Moria.



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