Missing Minas Tirith - A Screenplaylet/Story Board, Part 1 - Lead Up Scenes

The lead up scenes begin after Sam rescues Frodo in the tower of Cirith Ungol.

The Battle of the Pelennor Fields is over. Aragorn is seen briefly leaving the site of the struggle, entering the broken gates of Minas Tirith with only Legolas and Gimli by his side. At Gandalf's biding he enters the Houses of Healing and is seen in the massive courtyard amid the rows of injured Gondorians and Rohirrim who are laid out on makeshift cots. Accompanying him are Gandalf and the ruddy-faced Gondorian chief nurse Ioreth--gabby, and unnervingly cheerful for one engaged in such horrific duties. Ioreth is shown harranguing Gandalf with tales lamenting the lack of a true king in Gondor, who could heal the desperately sick with a laying on of hands.

Lying among the gravely injured is Faramir, whom Aragorn heals with the timely use of kingsfoil, as Tolkien tells, and as is shown in a published photo from a deleted scene. The courtyard teems with onlookers who watch with amazement as Aragorn brings Faramir back from the brink of death. Ioreth and her team of nurses and healers remark as the stranger from the North revives their new Steward, who awakens and recognizes Aragorn as the long-lost king.

Aragorn then leaves the teeming courtyard to go to a small room on the second story of the hospital, where Eowyn lies in an almost trancelike state. Eomer is beside her, almost in tears. With the aid of kingsfoil, Aragorn brings Eowyn back from the brink of death. But just before she awakes, he gives her hand to Eomer, who calls her back. Yet, when Eowyn opens her eyes, it is clear that she knows who has saved her.

Interior: The Great Hall of the Gondorian King: Evening

(This is the scene included in the theatrical Return of the King, where the captains of the West discuss diversionary tactics for luring Sauron's eye away from interior Mordor.)

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