Missing Minas Tirith - A ScreenPlaylet/Story Board - A Word Aside

The night after I saw Return of the King, I had trouble sleeping. In my tossing and turning, I found myself imagining how I would fill in the missing scenes of Minas Tirith, a city in shock after the battle of the Pelennor fields. Tolkien worte of them. Jackson reportedly has shot many of them, and promised the scenes for the extended edition of Return of the King. Like so many, I want to see jackson's treatment of the Houses of Healing and find out "How Faramir met Eowyn." But my mind couldn't wait. I started dreaming and day dreaming of these stories and how I would do them.

The result is a screenplaylet/story board that I plan to roll out in phases. The playlet takes as its basis Tolkien's story and the Peter Jackson film of the same. The characters in my playlet I envisioned as played by Jackson's actors. Therefore, Eowyn is a thirty something, Pippin a Scot, Faramir a red head, and Aragorn without fear of anything except a tub full of soap and water. The sets that the characters inhabit have already been shown in theatrical "Return of the King" or illustrated in the book "The Art of the Return of the King." I also allude to scenes that were shown in the theatrical "Return of the King" to give an idea where the scenes that I wrote might fit in.

Because my script is as much a story board as a screenplay, I include descriptions of camera angles. I've tried to avoid giving descriptions of the characters' internal feelings, as a narrative would. My intent is for people to use the playlet as fuel for their own imaginations, as to how they would see the actions and the dialogue playing out on a film screen.

Finally, I purposely resisted the temptation to write my scenes as a narrative, as most fanfiction writers do. I considered the possibility of writing my scenes as a "book of the movie." But why do that, when the movies are visualizations of one of the great books of 20th century literature. But that's enough of prologue talks. Read on.

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