Mirkwood Royalty - Chapter 7

"Oh, hello brother. Say good-bye to your nephew," Sabros said, looking at Legolas who was standing in the middle of the hall.

"Sabros, don't. You can always have other children, don't take Ladicilion away from Moriwen," Legolas pleaded.

"What are you talking about? He's my first child! Why would I want to part with him?"

"For your baby brother?" Legolas said in a too angelic tone.

"Ha! That's quite amusing, Legolas, really. But my new life purpose is to ruin that miserable wench's life."

"Don't you call her a wench! She is a lady! And if
she is anything else it is of your doing."


The two elves turned around and saw Moriwen walk into the room, her cheek bruised. She had a fire ball in her hand, it's flames blue from the heat.

"If this touches you, no-one here will help put out the fire. But I will be able to take my son out of there and I will heal him. Give Ladicilion to Legolas!" She demanded. The look in her eyes was that of a killer. It scared even Legolas.

Sabros glared at her.

"I am not letting go of my son."

Moriwen smiled and the fire-ball went back into her hand. With a mischevious smile, she slowly approached the Moriquendi king. When she was just inches from him, she reached out and ran her fingers across his face. Legolas opened his mouth in shock, and was about to say something, but what he saw next cut him off.

Sabros had raised a hand to his face where scorch marks covered it. The look on his face was twisted into one of pain. Moriwen took Ladicilion out of the kings hands easily.

"Leave now for I do believe in taking another's life unless you have," she told him.

Sabros gave a look of defeat then ran back out of the palace.

"My brother will never leave us alone," Legolas said suddenly.

"If he tries to take my son any time soon, he'll get more than a few scorch marks on his cheek."

(Once again, I'm sorry it's so short!)
(The new story is going to be called `Mirkwood Royalty- A Visitor)

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