Mirkwood Royalty - Chapter 6

Okay, I read the comments for the last chapter and noticed some... indecision about my story and each other. I appreciate those who are waiting for when the action starts again. It will actually start in THIS chapter. But I would also appreciate it if you didn't attack each others character. What are you, a bunch of orcs?
(And I don't mean ALL of you. Some of you are very mature.)

"Concert's are so much fun, honey," Megan said to Legolas. She had been begging him for the last hour to come to the Good Charlotte concert with her.

"Is it the same kind of `music' that they were playing at the bar the other night?"

Megan bit her lip and shrugged.

"It's kind of the same music, but it's different. Kind of."

Megan smiled and wrapped her arms around her husbands neck. She planted a kiss on his lips and then another on his neck.

"Please?" She whispered into his ear. Megan rested her cheek on his shoulder and made whimpering sounds.

Legolas laughed. He put his hands on her waist and pushed her away a little so that he could see her face.

"Alright. I'll go," he promised.

Moriwen thanked him by pulling his face towards hers in a passionate kiss.

"You are going to have so much fun, I promise," she said after she pulled back. "I know I had fun at my first concert."

It was the day of the concert and Moriwen had been busy getting her and her husband ready. She had convinced Legolas to wear a pair of black paints covered in chains, and a long-sleeve shirt that black and had a zipper going all the way up the front. His shoes were black leather boots. She had tied his hair into a half ponytail, like how he wore it in Middle-earth. She had talked him into wearing a necklace with a dragon emblem on it.

But it was Moriwen's outfit that had been the most fun. She wore a black tube-top under a see-through mesh, long sleeve shirt. The long-sleeve shirt was black and showed her midriff. Her skirt was plaid canvas and covered in chains and safety pins. Her boots went past her knees and had rubber spikes on them every three inches. Her hair was in braided pig-tails, held in place by black ribbons. Megan's make-up was all black. Black eyeliner, black nail-polish and black lipstick. She wore a ring on each finger, and five bracelets on each wrist. She wore a single leather choker with a silver loop hanging from the front.

"You look...um...beautiful," Legolas said, trying to think of an appropriate word.

"I know it's not how you'd like me to dress, but I HAVE to dress like this for the concert. Do you like your outfit?" She asked, straightening his shirt.

"It's...different," he answered carefully.

"Well, you look very handsome. All the girls their will be in mourning over the fact that you're married."

Legolas laughed. Ever since that thing with the two girls in the bar, Moriwen had been acting very protective of her husband.

"It's 5:00. Time to go," Moriwen said putting the tickets in her purse and heading for the door.

"Didn't you say that the concert starts at six?" Legolas asked, following her.

"Yeah, but we want to be at the front of the line. Plus, traffic is gonna be horrible," Megan explained.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Greenly," a little girl said as Moriwen and Legolas walked out into the hallway.

"Hello, Michelle," Legolas said.

"Where are you going?" She asked, holding onto her teddy-bear.

"We're going to a concert, Michelle," Megan answered.

"Can I come?"

Michelle was the four year-old girl that lived in the apartment across from theirs. Quite often Michelle's mother (whose choice of life-style neither Moriwen or Legolas approved) would drop Michelle off for the couple to watch. Michelle was like a daughter to the both of them. It had been Legolas who had bought her the teddy-bear (with a little help from his wife).

"I'm sorry Michelle, but this is for adults only," he said, bending down to look the blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl in the face.

"Maybe we can take you to the park tomorrow," Moriwen offered.

Michelle looked down at her pink shoes and started sniffling. She stuck out her bottom lip and held her teddy-bear closer to her body.

"B-b-but, I wanna go too," she whined.

Legolas and Megan looked at each-other, their hearts breaking at the sight of the little girl. All four-year olds were so cute when they pouted.

"Look, Micky," Legolas coaxed, using his pet-name for her. "How about I give you a piece of candy, and then tomorrow, Megan and I'll spend the afternoon with you at the park?"

Michelle loved the Elvish candy that Legolas had brought with him. Moriwen kept telling him that the sweets wouldn't be good for her, but he had a soft spot for children.

"Okay," Michelle agreed, holding out her hand.

Legolas ducked back into the apartment and came back out, a yellow piece of candy in his hand. Michelle opened her motuh, expecting him to hand feed it to her. Legolas chuckled and tossed the sweet in.

"`Ank you, `Ister Geenly," Michelle said, finding it difficult to talk with the candy in her mouth.

"Your welcome Micky," Legolas answered.

The two elves watched as the little girl skipped down the hall, her pig-tails bouncing behind her.

"You are so good with children," Megan exclaimed as she dragged her husband to where their car was parked.

"I always have been," he answered arrogantly.

"I'm so glad that my husband is so modest," Megan retorted sarcastically.

The two laughed as they entered the car and drove toward the arena where the concert was being held.

Moriwen cursed as she stomped on the brakes to avoid running over a group of teenagers. They flipped her off and hit her with a barrage of curses. Megan just kept driving. The line was obscenely long already, and parking looked to be nearly impossible. Ten minutes later, Megan found a parking space.

"They are truly scary," Legolas said, pointing at a group of guys with more piercings than what one would think to be humanly possible.

"Eh, not that scary," Megan shrugged.

They took their place in line, and very quickly a sweet stench filled the two elves nose.

"What is that?" Legolas asked, a disgusted look on his face.

"It's weed," Megan explained.

Legolas just made a gagging noise and covered up his nose. Eventually, the line began to move. When they neared the ticket-booth, they were put into two different lines. One for boys to be patted down and checked, and the other for girls to be patted down and checked.

"What was that for?" Legolas asked as the entered where the concert was to be held.

"For safety reasons," Moriwen explained. "They have to check and make sure that no-one sneaks in a gun or something."

"What's a gun?"

Megan rolled her eyes and explained that a gun was a weapon used for killing people. That it was like a modern-day bow and arrow, just more dangerous. Legolas just nodded. Taproot was blasting on the speakers as the crew-men set up the stage.

`You're my blessing in disguise. You're mine. (You're MINE!) You're my blessing in disguise, you make me realize just how and where I wanna be, years from now.'

Megan sang along with the music, in addition to the rest of the crowd. She watched her husbands face as he took in all the freaks and goths. A girl with green hair walked in front of them, and Legolas looked at it as if it was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen.

"Luke, honey. Calm down. They wont bite," she joked.

As Evanescence began to play, a guy with a camera walked up on stage. Everyone instantly had their fists in the air, their index and pinky fingers up. As soon as the picture was taken, everyone went back to their conversations. What seemed like a century later, the opening band came up on stage.


"Are all the bands going to sound like that?" Legolas asked as Stretch Armstrong left the stage.

"Yeah, basically."

Legolas groaned.

The next group, Megan didn't know so well, but the next she knew every song. Good Charlotte.

They opened up with `The Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous', then a few other songs. Then the words came that everyone was waiting for.

`Oh, my love, please don't cry. I'll wash my bloody hands and we'll start a new life.'

As the guitar riff started Megan started head banging. Legolas looked at her and started laughing. Benji and Joel began screaming the lyrics and the crowd joined in.

After the song, a girl leaned over to Megan and whispered, "Oh, my God, Benji is so hot, isn't he?"

"Yeah, completely! Aren't you glad he re-grew his liberty spikes?"

"Oh, yeah. Now he's even hotter."

Legolas gave Moriwen a hurt look and Megan explained that she was just agreeing with the girl so that she would go away (But she really did find Benji attractive).

Everyone yelled, clapped and cheered as Good Charlotte left the stage.

"Oh, my gosh, they were amazing, weren't they?" Megan asked, throwing her arms around Legolas.

"I don't really care for this...music."

A boy and a girl stopped in front of the two suddenly, a look of recognition and confusion on their faces. They both bowed their heads, and the girl spoke.

"Prince Legolas?"

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