Mirkwood Royalty - Chapter 3

"Whoa!" Legolas screamed as he almost got run over by a speeding, red Camero while crossing the street.

"Be careful, and stay with me," Megan ordered. "We're almost to the pawn shop, it's right around that corner."

When Legolas and Moriwen got to the pawnshop, Moriwen placed the five gold coins on the counter.

"How much do you think that'll be worth?" She asked the clerk.

The clerk sat there, wide eyed.

"I think it would be worth more to the cops," he answered, staring at Megan and Legolas. The two of them looked like delinquents.

"Oh. No, sir. It's nothing like that-," Megan started.

"Well, then how did you get somethin' like this?"

"Our grandma died, and that's what she left us. We're low on money, and everything else she gave us has too much sentimental value for us to give it up," Megan answered defensively.

"Your grandma?" The clerk asked in disbelief. "You two are...?"

"Brother and sister," Moriwen finished.

Legolas laughed and tried to disguise it as a cough. The clerk looked at him.

"Sorry. I think I'm getting sick," Legolas explained.

The clerk shook his head, but went to calculating the amount of money the coins were worth. When Legolas and Megan left, Megan's pocket was $52,375 heavier.

"Oh, my gosh! I can't believe that I actually have this much money," Megan exclaimed, while Legolas was fingering a twenty dollar bill.

"THIS is your currency? It's paper?!"

"Yes, well. I don't understand it all completely, but we kind of use it to...trade with, while the actual gold stays in the same place. But...yeah. We have a confusing currency, and economics was never my best subject," Megan explained.

"Oh," Legolas answered, still looking at the bill. "Who is that?" He asked, pointing to the picture.

"That's President Andrew Jackson. Well, he isn't president anymore. He died a very, very, very long time ago."


Megan sighed. For every sentence she said to explain something, he would ask another question! So, Megan spent the rest of the day explaining things about New York. Things like malls, motorcycles, rock music, electricity, stoves, ovens and microwaves. When Legolas finally ran out of questions, Megan suggested they go to sleep. Now, they hadn't bought any furniture (read: bed), but Mithrandir had left a few blankets in the apartment bedroom. It was weird, lying on the floor after sleeping in a bed like the one in the palace. But, she liked it. It reminded her of when she and her friends would have slumber parties and they would draw straws to see who got the bed, the couch, etc.

In the morning, Megan suggested they go to the mall and get something to eat down there. Legolas agreed. When they went outside (surprise, surprise) it was raining again. Megan was glade for this, because the rain kept the smell and taste of pollution out of the air. It had always stung her nose a bit when she was human. What would it be like when she had super-sensitive smelling as an elf?! Megan called for a cab and several passed her by before one stopped in front of her and Legolas.

"To the Crown Central mall, please," Megan said.

Through the entire cab ride, Moriwen watched Legolas's face. It was his first ride in an automobile, and he was acting very nervous. He kept looking out the windows and holding on tight to whatever he could. When they finally lurched to a stop in front of the mall, Legolas nearly PUSHED Megan out of the cab. Megan payed the driver, and then led Legolas through the crowd of people. When they went into the mall, Legolas looked around quickly.

"Come on, it's nine o'clock! If we're lucky, the line at the McDonald's wont be too long," Megan urged.

"Exactly, what kind of food is at...?"


"Yeah. What kind of food do they have there?"

"Umm...," Megan muttered, trying to think of a way to explain `breakfast burrito'? "Well, it's different from what you are used to, but don't worry. I'll order your food for you."

As they finally reached the counter, Megan ordered some Ciniminnis, French Toast Sticks, a glass of orange juice and a cup of cappuccino. They sat down at a table in the far corner of the food court and Megan placed Legolas's food in front of him. He took the lid off and sipped some of the orange juice. He set it back down and made a face.

"What is that?"

"It's orange juice and it's the closest I could get to the nectar and wine that you drink. So, unless you want some soda, which I doubt you do, I'd go ahead and drink that."

Legolas made another face, but it was aimed towards Megan this time. He didn't touch the juice again, but opened his box of French Toast Sticks. He picked one up and took a bite out of it.

"It tastes like lembas bread, almost," he said before taking another bite.

Megan smiled and went to eating her food. She waited awhile for her cappuccino to cool, but when she did take a sip, it was heavenly. She hadn't had coffee in forever!

"What are you drinking?" Legolas asked.

"Coffee. But I don't think you will like it. It's the exact opposite of what you are used to. It's bitter and hot and strong," Megan explained.

Legolas just nodded and went back to eating. When they were both done, Megan threw their trash away and started leading Legolas towards an escalator. This would be interesting.

"Those stairs are moving," Legolas pointed out in a whisper.

"Yeah, I know that. They are supposed to. You see, what you do is, put both feet on ONE step, and then let the stairs carry you to the top. It is quite simple."

Legolas did as she had instructed, but as they reached the top, he didn't take the step required when getting off an escalator. He ended up almost falling over, but luckily he was holding onto the rail. Moriwen laughed as he stood up and tried to find his composure.

"Oh, be quite," he snapped in embarrassment.

"Sorry! It's just so funny. The great and graceful prince trips getting off an escalator," Megan laughed.

Legolas looked at the floor and mumbled something. Megan led the rest of the way to her FAVORITE store in the mall. Hot Topic. As soon as they stepped inside those doors, Legolas covered his ears and walked back out. Moriwen followed.


"What is that noise?" He demanded.

"That `noise' is heavy metal. The kind of music that I listen to. I know it's hard on adults ears, but I like it. So, either deal with it and come in, or I'll pick out all your clothes for you."

Legolas gave her another glare before rolling his eyes and walking back into the store.

"Hey, what's up? Could I help you two?" A worker
asked. She was wearing all black with pink hair and had a piercing every place you could get one.

"Actually, not yet," Megan answered. "But when we need you, we'll call."

"A'ight," the girl said before walking away.

Megan walked up and down the racks of clothing and selected a few pairs of pants for Legoals. She shoved them in his hands and directed him to where the changing room was.

"Okay, ma'am," Moriwen said, trying to get the workers attention. "Could you open up a changing room?"

The women took out a chain with keys dangling from it, selected one and opened a door for Legolas.

A few minutes later, Legolas came out with the first pair on. Megan noticed at how well the fit and gave herself a mental pat on the back for her good guessing of his pants size.

"Those fit nice, how do they feel?" Megan asked as he turned in a circle.

"Alright. A little....weird."

"Well, that's to be expected. Those gowns that I had to wear felt "weird" on me. Now I'll go get you some more for you to try on, okay?"

Legolas nodded and went back in the dressing room. Megan came back with seven more pairs of pants and handed them to Legolas from over the door. While he was changing, Megan walked around, picking some clothes out for herself. As soon as Legolas was done, she went into another dressing room and tried all of her clothes on. After she had picked out some shirts for Legolas and had plenty of clothes herself, she paid for their purchase.

"Okay, that will be... $1,372.98, please," the clerk said with a smile.

"Do you take fifties?"


Before they went home, Megan went to Claires and bought a few things for her hair. Plus, some jewelry. On the way to the apartment, the two elves passed a barber shop.

"Legolas, what would you think of getting your hair cut? Not a lot, but you do have awfully long hair for a guy," Megan said.

"Get my hair cut?! No!"

Legolas started walking away.

"Come on, just a trim!"

Legolas glared at Moriwen.

"How much?"

"About this much," Megan answered, holding her index and thumb finger three inches apart. Legolas grabbed a strand of his hair and looked at how much that would mean. His hair would fall only right below his shoulders.

"No, that's too short," he protested.

"Come on, please! Please, please, please, please!"

Legolas shook his head.

"Fine! Well, I'm getting my hair cut."

Megan turned around and walked into the barber shop. She told the lady working there that she would like a trim (two inches) and a dye.

"Dye? What do you mean?" Legolas asked in a whisper as they sat down to wait.

"Oh, you'll see."


"I can't believe you dyed your hair BLUE!" Legolas yelled as he closed the apartment door.

"Only streaks of it," Megan protested. He had been giving her glares and disgusted looks ever since she got it done.

"I don't care! What if that woman saw your ears?!"

"She did. And she asked me where I got them done. I told her I couldn't tell her, that a friend did it."

"So she didn't care? What if she tells some one else?!"

"She wont. So, calm down and change into some of your new clothes. We need to go back out and get a bed. Those things are kind of a necessity."

Legolas rolled his eyes and went into the bedroom. Megan stood there a minute, waiting. After few seconds, Legolas poked his head out.

"Nothing that you got me matches!" He yelled.

Megan smiled and went in her and her husbands room. She picked out his clothes for him, then left. She went ahead and changed in the living room. By the end of the day the couple had a couch a bed and a dining table. It had been a very productive day.

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