Mirkwood Royalty - Chapter 1

(This story will not be told from Moriwen's point of view. It is in THIRD person.)

"Come on, Legolas," Moriwen wined. "It'll be fun."

"Legolas simply shook his head.

"No! It's too dangerous. We'll be seen," he countered.

Moriwen folded her arms across her chest and pouted.

"As long as we keep our ears covered..."

"And how do you suppose we do that?"

Moriwen pulled her hair back into a ponytail that covered the top half of her ears.

"We can do this with your hair, and I can leave mine down," Moriwen explained.

"And clothing...?"

"Well, I still have my clothes from when I was brought to Middle-earth. I think one of the shirts I was wearing would fit you. And then I can just show the tailors how to make you an appropriate pair of pants. Do you have any BLACK boots?" Moriwen asked, realizing that she had only seen him wearing brown and green ones.

"Umm...yes...I think," he husband answered.

"Then clothing is taken care of! And before you say anything, where we are going we can speak in the Common Tongue."

"Legolas hung his head. He had lost, as was inevitable. It wasn't that he didn't want to go to Earth, it was just that, from what Moriwen had told him, it sounded too dangerous. He didn't want her getting hurt. Legolas watched as his wife went through the chest-of-drawers. When she pulled out what she was looking for, Legolas wasn't sure if he should laugh or cringe. The clothes that Moriwen had pulled out were all black, save one dark-red, long-sleeve shirt. The pants had zippers running all the way down both sides of the pant legs. Two chains hung from the back and connected on the sides of either knee. The red shirt had a skull and cross bones on it with wording under it that said, "Ain't life peachy?" The other shirt was black and about ten times to large for Moriwen's figure. On it was a picture of four guys with tattoos and piercings. Over the picture, in green letters, it read, "Good Charlotte".

Moriwen went to her wardrobe and took out a pair of black, leather boots, with fire on the toes and heels. She set the shoes next to the bed, and picked up the black shirt.

"This SHOULD fit you," Moriwen said, tossing the shirt to Legolas. It had better, the shirt size was XXL!

Legolas rolled his eyes and took off his shirt. While he was slipping the black shirt over his head, Ladicilion started crying.

"I'll get," Moriwen said. She went into the adjoining room where the baby slept. The boy was now three years old, and loved by his mother and step-father. When Moriwen entered the room, Ladicilion was sitting up in his crib, tears in his eyes.

"Oh, there's my big boy," Moriwen cooed as she her son into the air. "What's the matter? What's the matter, huh? Did you have a bad dream?"

Moriwen started rocking back and forth, and Legolas walked in. Moriwen tried to keep straight face, but accidentally allowed herself a small giggle.

"What?" Legolas asked.

`What' was that he looked so uncomfortable! Plus, Moriwen never thought that she would see the Crowned- Prince of Mirkwood in a concert-tee.

"Nothing, you just look...like a...like a guy from a concert," Moriwen stammered in a whisper.

"A what?!"

Moriwen's jaw dropped. He didn't know what a concert was?

"You know... a place were musicians play. There's a lot of people, and they're really expensive," Moriwen explained.

"Oh," Legolas mouthed. Ladicilion had fallen back asleep in Moriwen's arms. She laid him back down and she and her husband left the room.

"I'll send a rider to go find Mithrandir, first thing in the morning, alright?" Legolas said, putting an arm around Moriwen's waist.

"Okay. If anyone knows how to get back and forth between the two worlds, it would be him."

(I'm sorry that this is so short, but bear with me!)

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