Miriel, Daughter of Gondor - Ch.3

"I will get him back. He will pay." Miriel thought angrily to herself. "I'm going to make him feel every pain my family has felt."

It was a week since Miriel got imprisoned, and she was very weak with just stale bread and water. The guard risked his life by going against Rameth's orders and feeding her.

"I have to get out." she was determined.

"My friend," she called to the guard. "I will make sure your life is spared if you let me out of here."

She looked hopefully at him.

"If Rameth finds out..." he stammered.

"I promise you, he will not find out." she stated confindently.

"Do not let him find out." the trustworthy guard whispered to her as he let her out of the cell.

"You will not be forgotten, thank you." Miriel whispered back.

She made it out of the city unnoticed. She started walking fast toward Rohan to find help. She found food along the way that sustained her. She stayed close but not on the main road. She could not risk being seen.

One night she had a dream. She saw glimpses of a beautiful land and many beings in a circle conversing together. Also, she saw a blond elf in a dark woods, she saw her family and Rameth. Then she woke startled out of her sleep.

The land of Anorien was very beautiful and Miriel was not tired of her surroundings. She continued walking, slowly gaining strength from daily food and rest.

"My lord, she is gone," a guard whispered in Rameth's ear.
He nodded and said, "Get my horse ready."

Another week went by, and there was no sign of Rameth or anyone else. Miriel was beginning to think she might make it.

Then, she heard light hooves pounding, and they were coming closer. She immediately threw herself into the bushes.

But it was too late, Rameth had seen her. He jumped off his horse and threw her to the ground.

"You disobeyed me, you will pay." he snarled at her.

She suddenly jumped up, drew her sword and held it by Rameth. "On the contrary, I believe that it's your in danger."

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