Miriel, Daughter of Gondor - Ch.1

Miriel sighed and looked up at the sky. Somewhere in the east, her father, the king, and brother were fighting the Haradrim. Rameth, her father's councilor, was ruling in his place. She did not trust Rameth.
"What if they die, and I'm not there to say good-bye." She thought, silent tears finding their way down her cheeks.
"Mi Lady?" Mileth her maid entered the room.
"What is it?" Miriel asked.
"It's your father and brother, they've returned."
Miriel gave a gasp of delight and ran down to the main hall.
"Father, Eldarion!" she called.
Eldarion ran to meet her and spun her in his arms even though she was just a little younger than him. She and her brother were very close.
"I've missed you." he whispered.
"And I you," she replied.
Eldarion let her go and she embraced Aragorn.
"I'm so glad you're home." she said.
"So am I." he said.
As they pulled away, Miriel asked,"Does mother know you're are back?"
"Yes. She asked you to tell us what's been going on here."
"Fine. More time to spend with you."

Hours later, the family was still in the garden talking.
"How has Rameth been doing?" Her father asked.
"Good, but I mistrust him." she replied
"Mistrust me?" Rameth stepped out of the bushes.
Suddenly, he grabbed Miriel, spun her to face her father and brother, drew his sword and held it against her neck.
"Rameth, what are you doing?" her father asked shakely.
"To long have I waited on you. To long have i stood in your shadow. Now it's my turn. Either give up the throne, or your precious daughter's life, will be over." Rameth said.
Miriel was silently shaking her head and pleading with her father, when Eldarion drew his sword and lept over to them.
Rameth pressed the sword so a little blood showed on Miriel's throat, when Aragorn caught Eldarion's wrist and held him back.
"I will give up the throne." Aragorn said.
"No!" Miriel yelled.
"Take them away." Rameth called and guards came and took Aragorn and Eldarion and led them roughly to the dungeons.
"And get the queen, and throw her in with them." Rameth told one of the guards.
"Where are you taking Miriel?" Eldarion called.
"I'm going to marry her. Minas Tirith needs a queen."
he said.
Miriel stood in silent horror, watching those she loved being led away. And her own future was just as terrible.

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