"Please Master Elrond! He is in great need of care!" Sam pleaded.
"How hurt is the boy?" Elrond asked Aragorn.
"The boy has been stabbed by a Morgul knife." Aragorn replied with slight hesitation,"The cut went in deep enough to poison his major vien in his left arm."
"Only one of my kind has the wisdom to cure such a fate." Elrond said this almost to himself, "Arwen, daughter, can you go find Danielle and tell her we are in great need of her skill?"
"Of course my Lord!" Arwen replied as she bowed and ran in search of her sister.

* * *

I was walking in the garden when Arwen, my sister, came running from the direction of the Great Hall.
"Calm down my sister! What news causes thee to come huffing like a dog!" I asked her as she reached out to take my hand.
"Urgent news from father! A boy-ow-is hurt-ow-very-gasp-bad!" Arwen replied with great difficulty.
"Where is he?" I asked eagerly.
"In the Great Hall! Run I'll catch up later."
I ran as fast as the gown I was wearing would let me to the Hall.
"Danielle! I'm glad you could come on such a short notice. Listen there is a boy by the name of Elijah who was stabbed by a Morgul knife. Do you suppose you could help him?" Elrond asked in under two seconds it seemed.
"Yes but how deep is it?" I asked.
"It has cut as deep as the bone in your body does your skin. The blade has poisond him severly." Elrond responded more calm than before.
"Guards, make sure Elijah gets the room with the view of the balcony! I will join with the medicine as fast as I can." I said still looking at Elrond with confusion, then turned to leave.

The next day on my way to check Elijah's wound I was confronted by Arwen. She looked rather flustered so I just ignored her but that made everything worse.

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