Meryl Took~Part 2 - Old Forest

As Meryl Took walked through the Old Forest, she decided to stop an rest a while.

Meryl thought about why she left her house in the first place. She didn't know why she left, but all she knew is that she missed them, and she loved them. And she also realized that they loved her too!

As she stoped for supper, Meryl also thought about where she was to go. "Should I go to Bree? Should I cut through the Downs? Should I sleep in this scary forest?"

But there was no time to stop and think, that would take too long! All she knew is that she wad to get though this forest as fast as she could!! for something didn't feel right.

Meryl saw an opening in the trees about 100 yards away, and began to run twards it to see how mush forest was left.

As she got to the opening, on the side of the hill, she saw a huge many trees befor her untill she got to the road again.

So she ran as fast as she could through some of woods. But when she stopped she collapsed on the ground next to a tree to catch her breath, when she hear something behind her.

SNAP! A twig broke, then she could hear somthing breathing behind the tree, but she didn't dare move a muscle, for it might hear her.

Then a warm hand touced her shoulder. She froze, not even beathing for a minute there.

Then a tall, hooded figure stepped out from behind the tree.

She just stared at it. And it, from behind it's hood, stared at her. For it's gaze was tense.

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