Meryl Took~ Part 1 - A story about a young hobbit as she runs away from home and her home life stuggles.

'I am sick and tired of being yelled at!' Meryl Took thought as she packed her bag. 'I've made my chioce, I'm running away!' she told herself over and over.

Meryl was the the only girl (other than her mother), and youngest, out of all the 6 children. 5 of which are boys. Her mother was mind-sick and had to be concealed in a room alone, with no funiture! And her father was a very busy farmer, and was too busy to look after his own children.

She was always getting the blame for every thing, and got the scraps of the food, never the fresh, hot food. She had to cook meals for all over her family, including her mother.

Merly crept through the house and snuck out the living room window, but didn't realize that there was a raspberry bush under the window until she was sliding out, head first.

CRAKLE! THUD! Her head landed righ behind the bush but her legs hit the bush when she swung them over. She was stitting on the raspberry bush.

Meryl quickly stood up and brushed her self off, and shook the fright out of her.

She quickly, quietly ran to the Green Dragon to fill her pack with food.

After she grabbed a few apples, she made a vow to her self never to look back again, for she never wanted too!

Meryl walked down the narrow street briskly and lightly, almost slipping in the puddles.

After a few long hours, she finally came to the Old Forest. She had always wondered if the scary stories were true. Now she would be able to figure it out!

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