Memories long since passed... - Chapter #4

Galadriel rose early in the morning and readied herself to see this elf Cade. Celeborn accompanied her to check on Aaron and the child before the two headed to the holding where Cade was being held. An type of jail, but only with a few cells for crimes were rare there. The jail as it could be called lead underground to the cells, where Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn were led. The elven man led them to the furthest cell located in a corner. Most the cells were dark, torches lined the wall to provide some light, but other then that in each cell there were small windows that let in a small amount of light. As they reached the cell at the far end Galadriel looked in to see a form sitting in the corner.

"I wish to speak to him alone." Galadriel said sternly, and waited for Celeborn and the guards to leave. She watched them leave and head up stairs then looked inside the cell again.

"Are you Cade?"

"And what if I am?" Came a voice from inside the cell.

"I would like to speak to you if you are Cade." Galadriel's reply was cool as she grabbed the cell bars and trying to get a closer look at him. As if knowing what she wanted the man inside stood and came forward into the light. Galadriel looked at him strangely he had deep blue eyes and long black hair. She noticed him to be elven, tall and muscular. He looked hard at her with a cold look.

"Yes I am Cade now what do you want?!"

Galadriel stood there as if unfazed by his rudeness, before answering.

"Aaron went into labor late last night as you know, she had a baby girl." Cade looked away trying to hide his expression from the woman, then Galadriel added as an after thought. "The birth was hard and for a moment it seemed that it had killed Aaron."

Cade whirled around this time shocked and worried his expression telling Galadriel a lot more then he ever wanted to show to her. Instead of a cold hard voice an urgent worried voice came.

"Aaron! Is she alright?!"

"Yes she is fine, somehow when we thought she was lost she came back. She is alive but the birth took a lot out of her she will be resting for the next few days."

With her words Cade sighed and relaxed. Galadriel smiled as Cade leaned against one of the cell walls.

"Now I need you to answer my questions. What were you doing here? What were your intentions with Aaron?"

"My intentions were not to kill her if that is what you think. Did you not find the body of another not far from the house?"

"Yes we found him on our way to the house."

"Well he attacked Aaron, but before he could harm her I came expecting to find Aaron at your celebration. She turned and saw me thinking I was the one trying to harm her, so she ran away and I pursued her."

"Why? You saved her that night why not let her be after that?"

"Because that is my child too! Has Aaron not shown you the message she took from me? If I failed to kill Aaron then another would be sent to kill both her and I. I had plenty of chances to kill Aaron, were it be when we were alone in our tent scouting ahead, or right in the middle of battles. I had numberless chances to finish my assignment, yet I did not. The very morning before she found out who I was, was the same morning she discovered she was with child. I kept thinking that since she saved me I would give her a little more time to live then it became more then friendship, she became more much more. Finally it was to the point where we had become lovers and I kept putting off the day that I would take her life. But with each day I kept making an excuse not to kill her, until I finally realized I could never hurt her or harm her. Then one morning she tells me that she has discovered herself to be pregnant, so from there I look to try and protect her from Sauron and the others that would be sent. The messenger I saw the next morning was one of Sauron's yes, but I kept the disguise that I would kill her to find out how much time I had, and such."

Galadriel closed her eyes listening to his words and the ways she could tell that he deeply cared for and loved Aaron and the child. Most of what he told was spoken in a truthful tone, but still some of his actions had her worried. Nevertheless she did have cause for doubt and she would see to it that the final life/death decision be left up to none other then Aaron. Then after a pause Cade's voice entered again.

"Not that anyone of you would believe me, you probably think I attacked her and the man I killed was trying to protect her. You probably think I had some evil intentions towards Aaron, and that I would have killed her."

Cade sighed and leaned back against the cell wall where he sat he didn't bother to look and see what expression Galadriel wore but instead looked across the cell to the other wall.

"Not necessarily."

Cade turned with a doubtful expression and raised an brow as he looked at her. Galadriel however smiled in reply to the doubtful look.

"How would you like to see Aaron, and possibly your child?"

Cade turned to face Galadriel and leaned forward somewhat shocked at the question.

"You can not be serious. You are just playing a cold cruel joke!"

"There is no joke here, Cade. Now would you or would you not?"

"What is the catch?" Cade asked suspiciously.

"Absolutely nothing other then your only chance for life lies with Aaron. She is to decide your fate to live long or to die in the next few days. It is also up to her and her alone if you see your child as she is the baby's mother."

Cade sighed and shook his head.

"You mise well execute me now, for she will have none of me. And I will not be permitted to see my child."

"And how can you be so sure of that?"

"Because I was sent to kill her, I seduced her, and I betrayed her."

Galadriel sighed knowing that Aaron had been saddened by the sting of betrayal, but something told her that these two must speak at least once if he was to be executed. For a long time silence reigned and nothing was said between the two, so finally Galadriel broke the silence.

"We will soon see if she will or will not have you live or die. Prepare for one of these days she will come to see you."

Without further words Galadriel began to leave, then Cade broke the silence.

"Milady Galadriel?"

Galadriel turned back to face the cell. "Yes?"

"Please I know it wont seem like much but can you please tell Aaron that I love her even if she refuses to see me?"

"Of course." Galadriel answered surprised that he would ask her to relay such a message to Aaron.

"Thank you."

Galadriel turned and left somewhat shocked at hearing his thanks and made her leave. She knew it shouldn't have shocked her so she had expected to meet a man opposite of his actions. Soon she came back up the stairs.

"I will want him kept alive until Aaron can speak to him, it will be left up to her if he lives or dies."

The guards all seemed to agree and Celeborn escorted Galadriel back to the house to tend to Aaron and the child.

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