Melui Merilee- Sweet Nightingale of Imladris - Prologue

Authors Note: Hi! It's actually hob***ild here, but with a different name. Anyway, all questions, comments and criticism are welcome. Enjoy!!!
Melui Merilee and Arwen Undomiel walked cheerfully down the path together, gossiping about everything from little Melawen's latest mishaps, to all the secret meetings Arwen's father had been having recently. They wandered aimlessly through the gardens, stopping only to admire the beautiful autumn blossoms come into bloom.
"Aaahh Merilee, how lovely the days of autumn have become. I always look forward to the one annual day in October when all the servants have a day off. It's the one day in the year where you and I can openly converse as equals".
Merilee smiled in agreement. She signalled back in response with her hands `Yes. Mind you, my disability will always prevent us from being completely equal.' Merilee had been unable to speak since she was 500 years old (roughly six). She had always accepted her disability, and it had never gotten in the way of her friendship with Arwen.
"Stop being ridiculous Merilee. The only thing preventing us from being open about our friendship is that you are my maidservant, and Father thinks it uncouth to spend all my time with you. He feels it would be better for me to be conducting my `royal duties'". Merilee laughed silently, and Arwen joined in. They laughed all the way up to the palace. It was getting dark and the servants' free day was drawing to a close.
`I shall see you tomorrow Arwen. Remember that you must be up earlier in the morning, as you have extra royal duties to conduct.' There was an air about Merilee that made Arwen feel uncomfortable, but she shook the feeling off and turned in the direction of her bedchamber.
Merilee also walked to her servants' quarters, drinking in the last rays of sun and letting the wind blow her long, unbound, light brown hair with the single blonde streak. The 20th of October was nearly over, and just as Merilee retreated to her room when she heard the familiar yet desperate whinny of Glorfindel's horse. Worried, Merilee ran towards the sound, but what she saw made her gasp...
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