Meeting of Aragorn and Arwen - Please say you like this.

Here follows the meeting of Aragorn and Arwen:
(Aragorn walks in the fair woods of Rivendell, singing a part of the lay of Beren and Luthien. Suddenly Arwen appears and he saw her from a distance.)
Aragorn: Luthien! Luthien!
(Arwen stopped and turned to face him.)
Arwen: Why do you call me so?
Aragorn: For I believe that you are indeed Luthien Tinuviel whom I have been singing.
Arwen: I am not she, my lord. I am terribly sorry.
Aragorn: No pardon is in order. My lady, if you are not Luthien then you must indeed walk in her likeness.
Arwen: Yes many do tell me so. I believe also that I shall share the same fate as she.
(They look at each other deep in thought. Long silent lingered for a moment between them.)
Aragorn: Oh fair elven lady for that you are. If I may be so bold as to ask, who are thee? Reply I beg.
Arwen: My lord, that is of no importance, but I shall not doubt tell thee if thy so requires. But answer me first I pray. What is thy name and title?
Aragorn: Fair visions of my dream. Though I am heir of Islidur and chief of the Dundein that title seem now too small. Aragorn is my name and I am son of Arathorn.
Arwen: That title is great my lord, think not lowly of it. I see many great things that shall come of you for Rivendell and all of Middle-earth, Aragorn son of Arathorn. As for thy former question, I am the daughter of Elrond of Rivendell Arwen is my name.
(Bells ring in the distance. Arwen turns to leave.)
Aragorn: Stay I beg for but a little longer.
(Arwen looked at him and smiled.)
Arwen: My lord Aragorn, if it is our fate and if fortune allows we will meet again. Farewell for the present.
Aragorn: Farewell to thee, oh bright Evenstar. Farewell to thee, the very image of love. Farewell.
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