Maranwe_DaughterofHaldir - chpt. 9

Maranwe, who had been thinking about the stealer, got up and grabbed Legolas' arms. "Legolas I know who it was!" Maranwe looked deep into his eyes to show she wasn't lying

"Who?" Legolas asked now thinking that if she really knows who it was then they could track him down. Legolas grabbed her arms "Tell me melleth nin Tell me!"

Maranwe gasped at Legolas' forcefulness. She had not experienced his bad sad before she didn't plan on it either. "L-Legolas please don't get mad at me." Maranwe tried to get out of his strong grasp but failed trying. Legolas, who had just noticed what he had done, let go of her and sat on a rock and looked down.

"I'm sorry Maranwe..I didn't...I was just worried." Legolas stammered trying to give out words. Maranwe stopped him not getting a clue what he was giving out (HINT HINT!)

"Apology accepted Legolas" Maranwe started "They guy who stole her was Jennher Lieren, but she was stolen again as that man is lying on the ground dead next to the river, but a guy from MORDOR stole her his name is Rever Gihilin" Marawe turned towards him and had tears in her eyes
Rever looked around. I have to find something no instead i'll jump in after her. Rever jumped in all clothes on he swam and found her on the bottom of the river. He grabbed her and swam back up. He saved her.

"You saved me!" Rosly said looking at him. She embraced him in a big hug her black hair dripping wet but drying by the hot summer air.

Rever hugged her back "Yeah well i had something in mind." Rever grabed her arm this time non forcefully. "I'm going to take you far away from Mordor and all bad things i'm going to lead you to a place where you'll be safe and set you free from there" He helped her up onto the horse and got in front of her. They rode off over the hill and followed a bright star shining brightly in the velvet sky.

Just to let you guys know...when i put HINT HINT i hope you guys get what i mean! well gotta go hope you like it!

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