Maranwe-daughterofHaldir - chapter 4

Maranwe shot a glance of delight at Legolas, her one chance to be with her one and only love forever, but then again be away from her father

Maranwe sat down. She looked up at her Fathers face and noticing it was full of love, care,and support for her, she looked back down at her lap.

"Father..i'm going to go with Legolas." Maranwe said, thinking it was a good idea to let her father be alone for awhile and she could be able to see new places and come back to her child hood city any time she wanted.

Legolas smiled at her and grabed her hand to pull her up she gracefully accepted and walked out with him saying a swift good-bye to her father.

Rosly looked at them as they came outside. "Hey!" Rosly said waving to them "whats going on?" she asked as soon as she saw the look on Maranwe's face.

"I'm becoming a traveler," Maranwe started with a little bit of sadness, then she perked up "with Legolas!" she said smiling.

"thats great when are you leaving?" Rosly asked as she lowered her gaze to Pippin as he came up behind her.

"as soon as i get my bags together." Maranwe said looking down so she wouldn't see Roslys expression.

"oh ok," Rosly said smiling, Rosly knew it was the best for her friend and she didn't want Maranwe to change her mind just because she was sad Maranwe was leaving.

Maranwe walked into her room and grabed out a few bags to put somethings in. I hope i'm making the right decision i hope my father doesn't become sad. Maranwe grabed up the things she packed and put them on the floor then dropped on her bed and closed her eyes.

Legolas came in and stopped immeaditley and smiled as he saw Maranwe sleeping. he grabed her up carefully and brought her outside. "Rosly!" he called out quietly hoping not to wake Maranwe, Rosly came over "go inside and grab her bags please then hitch them carefully on her horse i saddled up."

Rosly did as she was told. She walked carefully to the horse after she grabed Maranwes bags, she hitched them on the horse and carefully started backing away, someone grabbed her shoulder and turned her around then stuck a sword right in her face...

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