Maranwe-DaughterofHaldir.. - chapter 2

"she looked away and thrust the gate open and ran leaving behind tear drops and tracks from her feet"

Maranwe ran into the forest that bordered their house. She sat down and cried, she heard hoofbeats she looked up to find Girok looking down at her from his horse Withru.

"why are you crying my lady?" Girok asked. Girok felt that it was his duty to walk around in the forsets and ask why people were doing in there. Girok was Maranwes' friend he'd never thrust her out of the forest for he knew her very well.he would only thrust people out of the forest if they have no reason to be in there.

"my father...he..I.." Maranwe tried to say but she broke off into sobs and tried again but barely succeding "h-he said we had to move,ever since i was a child i lived here i can't stand the fact about moving.." Maranwe felt tears come back into her eyes she tried her best to keep them back but failed

"oh Maranwe do not worry about that, you can still see us you always wanted to be a traveler have you not?" Girok asked getting off of his horse and walking over to her

"well yes travel around the Middle-earth at Legolas' side with Rosly on the other but..I can't think of moving away from my friends, at least not until i get older." Maranwe stood up and looked to the west and stared thinking about Legolas he had started as a traveler ever since he was a child.

"Well i have to go you sit here and think about moving and take care of yourself now." Girok said, he got on his horse and rode farther into the forest. Maranwe watched him leave and then turned back around and started walking out of the forest towards her home.

"Maranwe?" Rosly started "what was the matter what happened?" Rosly looked sad she knew it must be bad news if it made her cry. Maranwe looked at her then back at the ground she spoke in elvish "sinome maruvan" Maranwe said "avo 'osto" Rosly said "henion"

Maranwe smiled "Hannon Le" Rosly looked at her and started walking to the tree where she always sat. Maranwe started walking there also "Maranwe suilad melon nin" Maranwe turned around and gasped

Sinome maruvan=In this place i will abide
avo 'osto=Don't worry
henion=I understand
Hannon le=thank you
suilad meolon nin=grettings my friend

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