Mage heroes - Shire Atack'd

"A red sunrise blood has been spilt this night, for the half man half dragon is coming" Sam; "What's that?"

"A Draiconum!" Sam;"YIKES!!" "Are you mayor of the shire?"

Sam"Yes..Yes I am"

"You stuttered,you scared?"

Sam; "Just nervous"

"I can tell "

Sam; "Who are you?"

"My name is Falcon eye!"

Sam;"No wonder,you look like a.."

"half Falcon half Elf I, know"


"Brrr! the very name Draiconum sent chills down my spine!"

"Yes I know,here it comes! is every one evacuated?"

Sam; "Yes b.."

"Good! Sam you control one half of my armies I'll control one half too!"

Sam;"O.k but as I was saying before you interrupted me,where is it?"

"Just over there,see it?"

"What the? HOLY...!!" "WATCH the language!!

" Gaurd;"He's here sir "

"Good, FIRE THE CANNON balls! "

"No good sir they just bounce off his scails!" "Great,fantastic! Sam your turn comand your armies,NOW!!!"


"no good they.."

Sam;"I know"

"HE'S at the,AAAAAA..Gurgle,Gurgle!"


The Draiconum broke thrugh the gates of the Shire crushing two solders.
As the battle rages on off in the distance  the draiconum's armies of Whelps (Half Dragon Half man too)are coming from Ogroth (New Moria).

"OH-NO!!" cried Falcon eye.

continued later.

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