Love Unrequited - Legolas' lament

The darkness of night befalls me whilst I linger on panting
for my love , my love! Oh Arwin my love , my love ! How can
I hope to possess thee whilst thou lovest another! My heart
wrenches from my bosom each time I hear thy footfall.
Aragorn is my blood brother, so how could I betray that
trust? My love for thee overwhelms me, my loyalty to
Aragorn hampers me. I flee from this place swiftly,
determined to find solace in bloody battle; perhaps at
least to silence the cries of hunger from my ravenous heart
by my death.
The first light of morn beckons me to run towards the light.
My arrows are a light burden compared to my heavy heart.
I need to find a horse for my long slender legs are tired from
bearing this heavy burden of my heavy heart filled with love
for you.
Here is my lament Oh Arwin! Lady Arwin! the White Star!
heed my cries and caress my swooning heart! I must needs
roam this earth forever carrying the woe of unrequited love
in my heavy bosom.
Listen to the rustle of the leaves in the trees over your
lovely head and hear the sighs and moaning your love is
pouring out of his heart for you.
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