Love's Joy and Love's Sorrow - Chapter 1

I stared at the ceiling and sighed. I couldn't sleep. I slowly got out of bed and slipped my clothes on. I tiptoed out of my room and out the door. Us Hobbits can be as quiet as elves if we wish too. Elves. How I wish I could see one. I am like Bilbo in that way and perhaps Frodo too. I am too adventurous for a Hobbit, or so my parents tell me every day. I strolled on the edge of the path and stared at the stars gleaming brightly overhead. Suddenly I heard rapid hoof beats on the path coming from behind me. I whirled around and jumped out of the way just in time as a horse coming at a full gallop down the path toward Bag End. I crouched by the side of the road, gasping. I watched as the horse ground to a stop and a large figure leaped off. It wasn't small enough to be a Hobbit; it must be a Man, or an Elf! The figure walked into Bag End pushing the door open forcefully.
I cowered by the side of the road for a few minuets. Then I heard a sound coming from down the road. Scared by my last experience with sound coming from that direction I jumped back and flattened myself against the ground on the side of the road. I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw that it was just Frodo coming home from a good day of fun. For some reason, I stayed on the side of the road and watched him. I sighed wistfully. He never noticed me despite all my efforts. I think Sam knows that I love Frodo, but Frodo himself is oblivious, and Sam will never tell. I watched Frodo walk into Bag End. Suddenly remembering the mysterious figure that was already in Bag End I crepted closer. I heard voices inside but the voices were not raised in anger or fear so I knew that Frodo knew the person, whoever he was. I couldn't hear what the voices were saying, though.
I heard a small noise coming from the bushes under Frodo's window. I saw Sam crouched there listening to their conversation. Obviously they heard him too for a second later Sam was grabbed from his hiding place through the window. I heard and unfamiliar voice yell something at him and heard Sam stammer a reply. A few seconds later the tall figure and the two Hobbits came out the door. And I heard the stranger say, " Meet me in Bree at a tavern called The Prancing Pony." Frodo and Sam got on a horse and left. The stranger got on his horse too and rode off at a gallop. You're going to kill someone, sir, who is not as lucky as I to get out of your way, I thought to myself wryly. I slowly got up and brushed the dirt off my knee and began to walk home shaken by what I had seen.
The next morning all of Hobbiton was in an uproar over Frodo and Sam's disappearance. Merry and Pippin were missing to and I wondered if they had got themselves into this mess. I wouldn't be surprised if they had, they were always getting into one mess or another. My mother complained all day that my head was somewhere else. I relised that if was true. My mind was with Frodo and Sam and maybe Merry and Pippin too. Suddenly I knew I would go crazy if I didn't go and find out what had happened to them. So that is what I did. That night I snuck out and took my pony and rode off toward Bree.
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