LoTR: The Dark Elf. Chapter Nine of many . . . - The Dark Elf series.

The Bridge of Khazad-Dum.

They reached the bridge only to find that part of the bridge was missing and they must leap across it to get to the other side. Legolas and Solaris leapt over with ease and were quickly ready to catch the others or assist in getting them onto the bridge. Frodo and Gandalf leapt over it together, as Boromir carried Merry and Pippin across. Aragorn turned to look at Gimli who took a running start and leapt over the chasm. He missed but Legolas grabbed him by his hand and pulled him up to his dismay but thanked him for the help. They watched as the Balrog made his way towards the bridge. Everyone ran but for Gandalf who stood his ground on the bridge as the Balrog made his appearance fully.

Gandalf stood there with his sword and staff out. "You shall not pass, foul creature of the night! I am the bearer of light and you will not pass!"

Gandalf and the Balrog seemed to go at each other in a staring duel and then the Balrog whipped out his whip which struck Gandalf's sword which fell into the chasm. Gandalf knew his time was now at an end with the Fellowship as he screamed a spell at the Balrog, which sent him into the same chasm which his sword fell into. But the Balrog whipped out his whip which wrapped around Gandalf's leg and pulled him into the chasm with him.

"Fly you fools! Fly!" yelled Gandalf, before they could not see him in the darkness of the chasm.

"GANDALF!!" screamed Frodo, as Aragorn had to hold the Hobbit to his chest as he wanted to go after the falling wizard.

Aragorn noticed now that the Balrog was gone that the Orcs were back and firing off arrows at them. Solaris was already responding to their arrows with some of her more dangerous aims at their faces. She was snarling off elven swear words at them. He almost broke into laughter at some of the words she called them. But he knew they needed to go now. "Come! I will lead you now!" he called. "We must obey his last command."

Aragorn told Boromir where to go as Boromir lead the group out except for Solaris who kept their backs from any arrows. Aragorn was right in front of Solaris as they ran. He heard a slight cry of pain behind him but cared not for the one who cried it as he kept running.

They finally reached daylight and the Hobbits rested against the rocks near the doorway of Moria. Aragorn didn't want to rest there at this time as he encouraged them to rise up and move on.

Boromir argued, "Let them grieve!"

"In another few minutes, the Ring will be back in the hands of the enemy! We must move on!" snapped Aragorn, as he encouraged them to rise and start moving again.

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