Lothlorien Falling Silent -- Galadriel's last evening - A companion peace to "Rivendell in Silence" posted in September 2004

The world is changed this chilly eve.
I felt it in the air today.
The leaves are dropping one by one.
They're sadly falling to decay.

It brings to mind the Olden Days
When first we walked upon this shore.
When beauty followed in our wake
And music played thru water's roar.

The trees awoke and spoke to us
With stories of the ancient past.
The song birds cried their song of joy
As sun and cloud their shadows cast.

Now all is silent in the wood
As man his reign deems to proclaim.
The golden flowers wither and die
As though to hide their heads in shame.

Heart aching to leave the canopy gold,
The swans no more to glide the pond.
No shimmering lights above the flets
No friendly creature neath the frond.

The Star shines brightly on my brow
As peace I strive to find this night.
Tomorrow back across the sea.
We're gone, we're gone, at morn's first light.

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