Loss - Srere's Story - A Continuation

Srere was the eldest daughter of Jennette and Rindac, two faeries from Sarindas Paran (the rulers to be precise). She was, after her mother's death, the new Queen. Her story takes place shortly after her coranation.

"Sister, you cannot do this to me! What is it I have done to make you so angry?" Srere's youngest sister cried.

"Chelte, you killed the captain of the gaurd. It is against the law and you must be exiled. If you were not my sister I could have you killed if I so pleased!" Answered Srere.

"Then why not? If you wish to be rid of me then do so. Rid yourself of this thing you so hate! At least in death could I see our mother! The gaurd died because he killed her! Can you not see that at least?"

"You have till tomorrow. Take what you will and be gone. Lemiach will take you to our grandmother's and will come straight back."

The next day, as her brother and sister left, Srere turned to the window of her mother's room, and cried,

"Mother, why must she resemble them so? They killed our father, my father. I have hated her since then and I do not know why. Gemmae and Lemiach feel the same, I know. You left us with her, an Elf! How could I live with her, how?"

She did this each day, till hundreds of years passed by, but one day, She turned to the mirror, and saw in it's reflection, the case where her mother had kept her dagger, Etorla. It's bright golden handle and Mythril blade, with four stones, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Amethyst, were gone. Only the empty case. She knew who had taken it.

Srere did have one other sister, Gemmae. She gave counsel to Srere in times of need, but otherwise, she stayed in her part of the palace. She was upset over her Mother's death also, but showed no sign elsewhere. Srere decided to speak to her.

"Sister, I cannot help but wonder weather what I did was correct. We have lost our parents, and now, I exile Chelte." exclaimed Srere.

"You cannot change the past, Srere. We only have hold on what will come. If Chelte had not killed the guard, you still would have exiled her. If father was not dead, he would have been killed by that guard insted of Mother. Do you think it would have made much difference? If you wanted us to be happy, you would understand that forgiveness can be a good thing." Gemmae paused, then sighed "I miss Chelte too. It has been too long without seeing her. Mother would say so. Father, he would never have let you exile her in the first place. I think, it's time we get our sister back."

The next day, Lemiach was sent to bring Chelte back from Lorien, but when word reached Srere that they were in Rivendell, injured, she and Gemmae set off. They reached Rivendell a few days later to find Chelte well. Srere asked her sister,

"Chelte, sister, it has been too long, and we miss you. I miss you. Please come back!" Srere was reduced to tears in front of her siblings, and family from Rivendell, and even some she had never met. She did not care. All she wanted was her sister back home. Chelte refused. She chose to become an Elf instead. Srere cried more and more. her loss was more painful than Lemiach's or Gemmae's. She was the one who lost Chelte in the first place.

She never saw her sister again after that day. The pain of confronting her was too hard. The last she heard of Chelte, was her death, in Lorien. Gemmae and Lemiach left to pay their respects, while Srere stayed in Sarindes Paran, wondering all the while, what had she done to her family? And, why?

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