Lord of the Rings: - The Last Battalion

The sun was slowly rising over the plains of Rohan, shedding its red light on the tall green grass. Gandalf's shadow fell over Pippin and his pony. It had been a long journey back to Rohan from the Shire.

"Why did we have to leave anyway?" thought Pippin as he slowly bounced in his saddle, "Gandalf has been so secretive about this, coming in the middle of the night. Summoning us to our duties to the King's of men, he said. What duties? The war of the ring is over, it is safe now and I was just getting used to relaxing in my old hobbit hole."

Merry glanced at Pippin's drooping eyes, "even after all he's been through, he's still a hobbit through and through and a perfect example of a Took!!"

Merry chuckled to himself. Gimli looked over.

"What's so funny, Master Hobbit?"

"Oh nothing..." he sighed, "Gandalf, please tell us why we're out here, you haven't said a word to us this whole trip."

"I'm sure Mithrandir will give us answers soon," said Legolas but he glanced at Gandalf with hope of curing his curiosity.

"All will be told in time," voiced Gandalf, "all you need to know is that we are going to Fangorn to find someone. When that is over I will explain everything."

"Must we go back to the forest?" Gimli inquired, "We just left." He glanced at Legolas. "Not that it wasn't a fascinating adventure. I will admit that many a dewdrop on a leaf resembles a precious jewel. But a forest is no place for a dwarf."

"Aye, we were on our way to Gondor to visit Elessar when you found us, Gandalf and with the two hobbits. It seems something mysterious is afoot. Who are we searching for in Fangorn? Is it an ent? Treebeard?" Legolas leaned forward on Arod waiting for an answer.

"Answers in time, all of you. We shall rest for the moment here. We will be off again in a few minutes." Then he muttered under his breath, "no time to lose."

Pippin was off his steed and rummaging in his back in no time.

"Look, Merry, I saved us some mushrooms!"

"Excellent," said Merry, "I have to admit, I am hungry."
The whole company sat together and began eating, except Gandalf who was glancing in the direction of Fangorn, concern in his eyes.

"You never finished telling us you tale. How was Saruman destroyed in the end?" said Gimli through a mouthful of bread.

"By his own servant," announced Merry, "Wormtongue stabbed him, it was really quite sad."

"Yes, a disturbing sight, but he is gone now. Thank goodness." Pippin bit into another mushroom.

"What happened to Wormtongue?" asked Gimli.

"Tried to run and was shot by hobbit archers," quipped Pippin, "Saruman left a nasty stain on the path to Frodo's house."

There was a moment of silence then. The sun had risen so that all of it could be seen. They already knew it was going to be a hot day and an unpleasant journey. Yet the four of them were glad to be back with the friends that had been through so much with them.

"I miss Frodo and Sam, its too bad we had to leave them again," Pippin sighed.

Gandalf stirred, "We have already asked so much from the two of them. Frodo deserves a long rest."

"Yes and Sam just married Rosie, we can't ask the newly weds to separate," said Merry.

"We must be off." Gandalf stood up and mounted Shadowfax, "darkness approaches."

"What did he say?" a worried Pippin asked Merry.

Merry shrugged, "I suppose we'll find out."

This is my first submission, if I make any mistakes due to chronology etc. I'm sorry and am trying my best. Thanks for reading!

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