Lord of the Rings- T Fellowship set off with Ella

<p>Legolas has a walk be for the meeting starts. He find a human but she was really an elf. <br /> She was wounded, she was going to die if she did not get help. She was the most beatuful thing <br /> that he set eyes on. When the meeting was nearly the end she woke up. The meeting did not end<br /> because she came in. She almost fell to the ground but Boromir grab her. When she was finally<br /> woke up. The first person she sees is Legolas. She asked "where am I ?" <br /> "You are in Rivendell. I am Legolas Prince of the Elven Kingdom of Mirkwood. May I ask, <br /> what is your name." <br /> I am Ella. Did you save me."<br /> "Yes."<br /> Thank you for saving me and I can do anything you want for saving me."<br /> "No, you don't have to do anything."<br /> "Well come closer"<br /> He does and she gives him a kiss. Boromir comes in and says "The meeting is going to finish, <br /> Legolas". Legolas says "Ok I will be right there". After the meeting Boromir went to Ella's room. <br /> She was getting dressed and Boromir grabs her and starts kissing her. She yells help and Legolas<br /> and Aragorn comes in and Aragorn pulles Boromir off her and pushes him out the door. While <br /> Legolas goes to her side and lets her cry in his shoulders. Aragorn leaves to get Boromir. "Can <br /> you stay in my room tonight so it wont happen again", she asked Legolas. He said " I will make <br /> sure he wont do that again." <br /> **********************************************************************************************<br /> The next morning Legolas tell her that he has to leave. She asked if she could come with but <br /> he said he would ask. When they are about to leave he ask and Elrond said it would be ok but <br /> Legolas has to make share she will be ok.<br /> When legolas tells her she get her swords and bow with arrows.<br /> (In Ella's mind)<br /> "Legolas I have to tell you something"<br /> "Yes what is it"<br /> "If I tell you would you still be friends with me"<br /> Of course I would"<br /> "I am Saruman's daughter"<br /> Then Legolas leaves and talk to her again<br /> I will never tell any one.<br /> (Out of Ella's mind"<br /> They fellowship sets off.</p>
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