Lord of the Rings Parody#1 - by Rachelle Wolfson (alex wolfson's older sister)

*Fellowship getting ready to leave*
Gandalf:Ringbearer!Have you got the ring?
Frodo:Gandalf,you know my real name...Why must I be the Ringbearer now?
Gandalf:*drops card he was reading from and walks away sniffling*
Frodo:*pats Gandalf on the back*Its alright.I didnt mean it,Im sorry.I do have the ring.Let's go.
Gandalf:A-alright,Frodo.*wipes tears,then whistles for Shadowfax to come*
Pippin:We can't all fit on that horse!
Gandalf:Surely not!And that is why I have added a larger saddle!
*everyone groans as Shadowfax drags feet on the ground to keep the huge saddle in the air*
Frodo:We'll just walk,Gandalf.
*Gandalf nods,but tears begin to well up in his eyes*
*Fellowship walks towards first destination*
Legolas:We must not delay!
Aragorn:We're not delaying, Legolas.
Legolas:You dont understand!I am an elf.We must not delay!
Frodo:*chuckles*Legolas,I don't think you quite understand....Listen to the wise words of the-*coughs*The wise words-*hacks guts up*The wise words.....*gasps for air and coughs*The wise words of the Ringbearer!We-*clears throat*We are not delaying!We are going!
*everyone sighs*
*Gimili farts*
Frodo:Legolas can sleep next to him tonight.That way we wont delay.
*all laugh except for Legolas and Gimili*
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