Lord of the Rings: Alternative Version - What if They Had Just Flown the Eagles into Mordor? (Part XII)

Hours later, it happened. Darkness fell. COMPLETE darkness. Save for a faint glow, coming from the wizard's staff.
No, Frodo suddenly realized. Not the wizard's staff, at all.
Indeed, the glow came from his own outstretched palm.
Legolas' voice came from somewhere off to the right, "It glows in the dark? Well then, that changes things."
Another voice, Gimli's this time. "Really?"
Legolas again, curtly. "No."
Aragorn now past between Legolas and Gimli, with Boromir in front of Merry and Pippin. Aragorn leaned forward, hissing, "Legolas! Dina!" He whispered other words, in Elvish, but Frodo heard and understood it clearly. "he has less cause than the rest of us to hold any hope.... Do not take away what little he has left." Frodo frowned, looking at the gift from Galadriel, the glow starting to fade already.
Legolas nodded slowly. "You are right.... it is not my place to mock him. If the Lady gave it to him, she must have had a reason.... I should not make fun. Just because I do not understand her purpose.... I am sorry...."
Aragorn frowned slightly. "I am not the one you need to apologize to...."
Legolas, properly chastised, nodded, and looked down.They landed again, at dark the next night, just before crossing the border into Mordor.
With Sam sleeping, Frodo got up, and went for a short walk.
He stopped, staring up at the stars and wondered if he would ever look at them again.
He looked at the darkness of Mordor looming in the distance.
He looked back at his sleeping companions, and wondered how many more nights like this they would have together.
He walked back to his spot in camp, and fell asleep, wondering.
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