Lord of the Rings: Alternative Version - What if they had just flown the Eagles into Mordor? (Part 4)

Aragorn was running through the forest, twigs snapping loudly underfoot. "Legola!" He hissed. He looked around. There was a large number of pine cones on the ground. He spoke, tone more urgent now. "Legolas!"

He picked up a pinecone, which had a picture of Gimli's face stuck to it, an arrow hole through one of the eyes.

Aragorn shouted this time, very annoyed. "Legolas!! Legolas, where are you?!"

Legolas jumped out of the tree in front of him. "What?" He saw the pinecone in Aragorn's hands. "Oh.... You like?"

Aragorn nodded, giving a small smile. "Very nice. Come on. The Eagles are here."

They ran through the forest back towards the House of Elrond, Legolas not disturbing a single twig or leaf, fallen branches cracking loudly as Aragorn stepped on them.

After a few moments of this, when they were right on the edge of the forest, there was a shout of "The Eagles are coming! The Eagles are coming!"

The shout was followed by a "Be quiet, Bilbo! We know they're coming. In fact, they're not coming, they're here. Go back to sleep."

They emerged from the cover of the trees to see the rest of the Fellowship laughing except Gandalf, who was still shouting at Bilbo, though trying, unavailingly, to keep a stern look on his face.

As Aragorn and Legolas stepped out of the forest, three Eagles landed in the grass nearby.

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